Video: Fiddlehead Foraging in New Brunswick, Canada


A fun little video for you from our fiddlehead forage in New Brunswick last weekend! Recipes and more soon.

1. Nautical . a billethead having a form similar to the volute carved at the upper end of a violin.
2. the young, coiled frond of various species of ferns, eaten as a vegetable.

[fawr-ij, for-]

1. the act of searching for provisions of any kind.
2. to collect forage from; strip of supplies; plunder: to forage the countryside.
3. to supply with forage.
4. to obtain by foraging.


I like food. I like to make food. Eat food. Photograph food. Write about food. Mainly in London but when I am lucky or organised further afield.

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  1. Fun video! I would have liked to have seen the cooking in the same video though. Will that be part 2?

    There’s something about foraging for food that seems a little magical. I have been hunting for chanterelles with my aunt in Scotland – it was a bit early in the season so we didn’t get many but it was so much fun!


    • Thanks Caitlin! Yup – part 2. 2 minutes is optimum for online videos I am told. And I believe it given I can’t watch anything online for too long. Thanks re accent :)


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