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Polpo Has a New Sibling & Da Polpo Hits the Mark

Da Polpo has hit Maiden Lane, yet another great place to eat in Covent Garden. I could not have typed that 2 years ago.

Da Polpo comes from the team behind Polpo, Polpetto & Spuntino. It’s very hard to criticise anything that these guys do, because they do it so well. Impressive in itself, and doubly so when you consider the speed of the rollout.

Ordinarily I would be worried that somewhere I liked was expanding so quickly, but they do so in style, retaining the quality of the food and each place has its own distinct character. Styled, as the others have been with superb attention to detail to create a place that looks like it has always, effortlessly, been there.

Da Polpo & Prosecco = Happy Birthday! :)

Polpo Prosecco at Da Polpo

Da Polpo sits behind a traditional Venetian style bacaro facade. A long bright room with tables and seats at the bar sits above the aperol bar downstairs, which serves, of course, aperol, plus the full Da Polpo menu. The menu is similar to Polpo, with more of those meatballs.

Pork Shoulder & Pickled Pepper Pizzette at Da Polpo

I popped in for lunch earlier this week which was during the preview at 50% off. We treated ourselves to a bottle of Polpo prosecco along with meatballs (traditional and pork and fennel in a tomato sauce) – both very good, a pork shoulder and pickled pepper pizzette, terrific umami rich potato & parmesan croquettas (how I love that two new places José and here – have great versions of my favourite thing!), a lively and light fritto misto and a bright healthy heritage tomato salad. A perfect and indulgent lunch for two.

Fritto Misto & Heritage Tomato Salad at Da Polpo

Potato & Parmesan Croquettas at Da Polpo

We finished with some ice cream, mine was cherry & yogurt. I couldn’t help a cheeky dessert too, cheeky as it was basically a posh float of lemon sorbet with prosecco. It was my birthday you see, so I went to town a little.

Cheeky Dessert at Da Polpo

Ice Cream at Da Polpo

Prices are very good, as you would expect from their other establishments.  Another notch on the polpo bedpost, and I certainly will be back for more.

Da Polpo, 6 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden

PS. I wouldn’t normally review a soft launch, but this was lovely, and I am off to Argentina on Saturday, so it was then or not for a month. Those of you that didn’t know about it will surely forgive me once you visit.



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  1. chloe says

    I did the same (reviewed during the soft launch) but only because I loved it so much, just couldn’t resist! Glad you had an enjoyable Birthday there

  2. Lovely review, thanks for sharing, I went along at the same time, wish I’d had an icecream now, although the nutella pizza I had was very good! Belated Happy Birthday to you too!

  3. Oh lovely review! I was worried they were expanding too quickly, especially when Spuntino was very quiet last Friday lunchtime, but this looks lovely (altho very samey to Spuntino!). I agree Covent Garden is packed with amazing places to eat, I’m so lucky I live near there!

    Exciting news v Argentina – I’ve done a guide to some places to go in 2 weeks on my blog, will forward it if you like x

  4. Richard says

    Looks like a great place, I’ll need to visit the next time I’m in London. Thanks.

  5. Richard says

    Looks like a great place, I’ll need to visit the next time I’m in London. Thanks.

  6. Ah I’ve only managed Polpetto – no Polpo, or Spuntino yet. Loved it though – and not too pricey at all! Would you recommend hitting this incarnation first?

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  8. Lunch at Polpo was one of my fave of the year so far, and now another place to add to the list. And great that Covent Garden is getting places that are brill for eating, not just for the tourists. Can’t wait to get to this one!

  9. I’m so jealous! Da Polpo sounds incredible (I love Polpo and Polpetto but haven’t yet made it to Spuntino) but I can’t go any time soon as saving pennies for a big summer holiday. However your post did inspire me to have a go at making my own pizzette and meatballs – a great budget option! http://bit.ly/ipK2Td

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