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A Sleepy Hola from Buenos Aires

Greetings from Buenos Aires, folks! You remember that trip to Argentina that I have had to postpone twice? The one to Argento in Mendoza and also a little while in Buenos Aires back in November, rescheduled to January, then rescheduled to, well, now? Well, finally I am here. Yeehaw!

I arrived this morning after a night flight so I am a little fuzzy, but I have had my first meat and malbec escapade in a local Parrilla so I am happy. Very pleasant half bottle of malbec, very pleasant bife de chorizo, chimmichurri to rub it all in, a big pile of mash and a lovely pickled aubergine thing. A huge basket of bread too. Just me to eat it all!

The steak was lovely, even though they cook it well done here, it was still very nice. Never thought I would say that. I have been practicing the Spanish for rare steak since as imagine how much better it would be?  It all came to £20 and was a lovely afternoon. Who’s complaining about how the steak was cooked? Not me, I just want to try it rare, that’s all.

The hotel I am staying in is billed as the hotel for gourmands in Buenos Aires. Happily, it’s also near lots of the places that I want to try. I somehow completely missed that the restaurant here is supposed to be great too. I just don’t generally expect that in a hotel.

How so? For one, there are goat sweetbreads on the menu, which I am very excited to try. Also, a rooftop pool, but I am more excited about the sweetbreads. That’s my priorities right there for ya! It’s linked, those kind of obsessions don’t make for a good bikini body.

A sleepy over and out for now. Apologies if this is meandering, that’s the way my brain is set right now. Clogged with cakes, steaks and a little veen-oh. I fear that I shall be like a mis-shapen dumpling in a dress with two peg legs by the time I return. But I will be happy, won’t I? I think so.

I will be back soon with more including details on the hotel, dinner et al. I know lots of you have plans to visit Buenos Aires and you have asked me to tell you all about it. Well, I would have anyway, wouldn’t I? Because that is what I do :)




  1. So glad to hear that you made it to Buenos Aires in one piece, and that your trip to Argentina is off to a good start. Maybe the nice people at Fierro hotel will allow you to sample the goat sweetbreads while sitting by the rooftop pool! Can’t wait to see you in Mendoza soon. Until then, have a great time in the big city!

  2. jugoso is rare – pronounced WHO-go-so
    medio – jugoos is you guessed it, medium rare!

    I hate when they overcook it and that is a problem there in Argentina.

    • All shots always mine :) Taken in my room on my cameraphone!

      Thanks so much for the kind words – really appreciate it.

  3. Woohoo, you go (eat like a) girl! Did you get to try the goat sweetbreads – & if so, what were they like? Goat in general is such an underrated meat here in the UK – such a shame; a delicate balance twixt venison & lamb, people don’t realise what they are missing.

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