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Greetings from Buenos Aires: Now *Almost* Awake!

Rabbit Empanaditas on the terrace (oh YAWH!)

Greetings from Buenos Aires folks. I am on holiday – true – but have also been working writing more recipes, so I don’t feel like I am on holiday just yet.


The beauty of being on holiday here in Argentina, is that in the lovely hotel that I am staying in (Fierro Hotel), I can work from my desk in my room and eat Rabbit Empanaditas (with rabbit, onions, nuts and apple) served with a gorgeous sweet and sour sauce. I will definitely have to try and make something similar when I get home!

Otherwise there has been steak, and it’s as good as you’ve heard. The portions are enormous too. I had a half portion of steak ribs for lunch yesterday and had to waddle home after. (I had also had another large empanada and some morcilla – you just have to try, don’t you?).

I had such steak and malbec confusion that I tried to pay the waiter 4 times the price in the wrong currency. Thankfully he was honest and kind. He was actually quite cross with me and told me off. I then gave him a really generous tip in thanks, which seemed to annoy him further as he clearly thought I just didn’t get it. Hey ho.

Gorgeous heated roof top pool (*sad face*)

And it is for this reason sadly, and for many similar ones that preceded this, that I won’t be exposing my empanada pocked bod-ay at the rooftop pool. Next time when I am a slim jim once more! When I started blogging I was a svelte size 10 and a big eater, so it should be ok to get back to it, no?

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, I was eating an empanada.

Ciao for now folks! Back soon with some steak stories and some Buenos Aires tasting menu action. A supper club too! (Although they are called something else here).




  1. katescakesandbakes says

    I’ve always wanted to eat steak in Argentina. You’re living my foodie dream here. I would literally just arrive at the airport, head to the nearest steak house, eat my body weight in steak until its time for my flight home. That would be it. And no weighing scales in sight, I would be too busy chomping to weigh. Have a great trip! Look forward to hearing more dispatches!

    • Thanks Kate! I urge you to do it! Lovely relaxed and fun city. I am here for 3 weeks so am pacing the steaks but I did have some terrific sweetbread last night. Swoon. Lots of dispatches to come!

  2. Elaine says

    Be brave and jump in the pool , no point in missing out… you’re on your holidays
    and the hotel are partly responsible for serving the lovely food… so go for it I say

  3. Meister @ The Nervous Cook says

    My jealously is brimming over: I have long, long, long wanted to visit Buenos Aires, and wish at this very minute I was sitting by a pool, drinking a Malbec. Sigh…

    You’ll just have to have an extra glass for me, right?

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I agree with Elaine above. That pool looks delightful. Just think if you swim you’re burning off calories and it balances out the consumption :-)

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