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Eating Argentina: Mendoza! We’re in Empanada Country Now

Best Empanadas Ever? Well, so far, yes :)

Where are the best empanadas in Argentina? Everyone says Mendoza but where exactly in Mendoza you will only know if you are a local. Happily I was with one.

I was feeling a bit peckish so asked if we could stop off for some empanadas after a long day whizzing around wineries. (It’s a hard life!). It was 5 hours since lunch but still 3 hours from our Argentinian dinner time so my tum was protesting severely. Sure, of course! And she promptly picked up the phone and put in an order.

Home of Amazing Empanadas!

20 minutes later we were at a small typical house outside Mendoza in a small town called Chacro. These are the best empanadas in Mendoza, I was confidently informed, she is very famous and lots of people come here.

An old lady in an apron answered the door and proceeded to joyfully tell us all about a local wedding the week before where one of 5 daughters of a local doctor married an Irish guy and 100 people from Ireland came for the wedding (we do that kind of thing!). She was very proud and thrilled to be there herself.

I got a quick tour of the rotisseria, I was only sad it was too late in the evening to try it. At the side were big jars of preserved peaches and large bottles of homemade tomato sauce. She proudly showed me her enormous outdoor wood oven where she makes her empanadas and her specialty, suckling pig. I was salivating.

Amazing Woodoven, Terrible Photo (Sorry!)

Then came the empanadas. In exchange for 25 pesos (£4) she gave us a paper wrapped parcel which I could not wait to open. In side were twelve gorgeous wood blistered empanadas, about half the size of their bigger Buenos Aires cousins, filled with the traditional Mendocian filling of beef, onion and eggs. Some use olives too but not these ones. apparently that is something the younger people do.

I wondered if we had over egged it, 12 empanadas for 2. I quickly discovered I had no trouble demolishing my 6. The crisp roasted pastry, incredibly savoury and with a gorgeous bite from pork lard, encased a rich gorgeous beef, onion and finely chopped egg filling.

Sadly, and appropriately, the recipe is secret. But, wow, another trip highlight. How will I ever leave Argentina? (I shouldn’t tempt that volcano).




  1. Stop stop with the empanadas! Please These ones in particular look so lovely and moreish IT’S UNFAIR! What I would give for a single empanada now With a dollop of tomato sauce Lovely

  2. you are giving me serious wanderlust with all these posts, i can’t take it! i really love that you’re getting to go off the beaten track to find some real local gems too – so much nicer, both photographically and to read than just a rundown of the sort of things you’d find in a rough guide.

    • Awh thanks so much! I am having such a great time and love sharing it all. Lots more to come :)

  3. I’m enjoying following your Argentinian adventure so much – it all looks so fascinating (and delicious…) I’ve decided that I need empanadas in my life. Now.

    • Thanks Sarah :)

      You do! You really do. Should have a recipe for Mendocian empanadas soon :)

  4. I love empanadas. What is it about savoury pastry that’s so moreish? I could just happily live off them. Reminds me of Sri Lankan short eats or pattis.

  5. If you get the chance head north to Salta. There is an empanada trail to be had.
    For me the best empanadas are from Salta. Those Salteñas are awesome.

    • Would love to, it’s absolutely on my radar, but Argentina is simply too big to cover it all in one trip. So leaving the North (Iguaza Falls, Salta etc. ) and the South (Patagonia, Bariloche) until the next trip. Which I hope is not too far away :)

      Thanks for the tip though!

  6. Jerry says

    I agree with Mzungu. The best empanadas I ever had were at the Casa de Empanadas in Salta. The empanadas from the Casa de Empanadas are actually described in a new Kindle E-book published by Amazon entitled, appropriately enough, “The Empanada Affair”. You can buy the book from Amazon for $0.99. Go to, type the title into their search engine, and download the book (and a free Kindle reader from the same page).

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