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Some Toronto Food Highlights: Part 1

Flat Rock Winery, Niagara

Toronto had a lot of great food to offer. Burrata frequented more menus than I have seen anywhere else, and there is doubtless many strong multicultural influences (Greek, Japanese, Korean to name but a few).

I had several very good meals while I was there and tried as much local food and local Niagaran and Ontarian wine as I could. It was a wonderful few days.

Here’s a few highlights before I board my flight back.

Pigs Ears with Fennel Salt from Buca, Toronto

Heirloom salad with burrata at Scarpetta

Peameal Bacon Sandwich with Maple Mustard from Carousel, St Lawrence Market

21 day home cured lardo with bread dumplings from Buca - amazing

Suckling Pig Tacos at Nota Bene

Hamachi Ceviche from Nota Bene




  1. I never knew that Toronto was such a haven for good food. My father lived in Montreal when I was growing up, so we spent our summers there, and I remember the local food being chips and gravy topped with melted cheese – a winner I thought at that age!! I love the sound of the maple mustard, was it grainy? I have been trying out mustard making for a local company who are having me test their recipes at home, I never knew it could be so much fun. Maple mustard sounds delicious, especially with anything porky.

    • Being from Toronto I can say whole heartedly that Toronto has some of the BEST food in the whole at such a reasonable price – I would attribute it multiculturalism and all the great immigrants that have brought their food with them to TO.

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  3. Wow – some really unique food offerings here! I don’t know much about the food scene in Toronto but this just bumped the city a lot higher than it was on my list of places to visit!

  4. Toronto had never been on the immediate ‘to go’ list. I think that all just changed. Those bread dumplings at Buca look outrageously good.

  5. Some people outside Toronto haven’t got a clue that there are so many great ethnic restaurants. Be sure to try some of the Thai restaurants, there are by far the best around! Start off with padthai, it is my favorite on the menu. One of the most recognized Thai dishes are sweet and salty stir fried noodles with dried shrimp, peanuts, eggs, onions, and garnished with bean sprouts and spring onions. It’s good if you garnish with lemon, too.

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