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Things Just Got Very Real! Comfort & Spice Now Dispatched

And if you were one of the folks to pre-order, you will likely have it tomorrow or very soon after. The first review is in already

This is another brilliant edition in the New Voices in Food series. Niamh Shields is an Irish food writer with a fresh and witty take on every- day cooking. The ‘spice’ in the title refers to the seven spices Niamh uses in her kitchen. She wrestles economical cuts of meat into dinner party-worthy dishes like lamb breast with persillade crust and slow-cooked pork cheeks in cider. There are plenty of worthy suggestions for ‘Tuesday night’ dinners but this volume shines with its ‘Eight Great Big Dinners … and what to do with the leftovers’ – who can refuse that kind of economy of gesture?

So lovely, I really can’t tell you how amazing it was to read that. A book is heart and soul, and it really feels a little scary putting it out there.

In other news, I am doing a demo at the wonderful Abergavenny Food Festival on Sunday 18th Sept at 11am, with fellow New Voices in Food author, James Ramsden. Tickets available now.

James is also running his Supper Club, The Secret Larder, at Abergavenny, so get in quick. Two of my other favourites Signe Johansen and Trina Hahnemann are running a session on Nordic Cuisine at 12.30 on Saturday.

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of such a great food festival. More info on the Abergavenny programme

Potato Cakes with Frank Hederman Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Pickle - recipe from Comfort & Spice, and photo courtesy of Jeanne Horak, http://www.cooksister.com

Some of you were curious, and many of you came to my Comfort & Spice Brunch Club. It went terrifically well with great people making it extra special. It was also a fantastic dry run for my Comfort & Spice Café at the Theatre of Food at Electric Picnic on the 3rd & 4th of September.

I will be serving some brunch dishes from the book and some of my personal favourites, including one not in the book – although it should be – my bacon jam on soda farls. More details on that very soon.

Those of you about to receive the book – I really hope you like it. If you have any queries at all, please email me. And if you do like it, I would be very grateful for an amazon review, as they really help position the book well on Amazon (so I am told :).

If you haven’t bought it yet, and want to get it pre-publication, order it on Amazon today to get it very soon!



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  1. I read the intro last night and laughed because it was just like you were sitting there chatting away! It’s a fabulous book and jam packed with recipes some of which I will definitely try this weekend. And great photos too of your cooking I might add. The crackling on your pork! and the Turkish Eggs and Chicken & Chorizo and…

    Fab. Well done you.

    • Ailbhe – thanks so much! :)

      Thrilled you like it. Look forward to the next Comfort & Spice Dinner somewhere…

  2. Congratulations Niamh! So looking forward to getting cooking from your book. It looks lovely. Hoping I can attend your pop up soon sometime x

  3. I’m delighted for you Niamh and I cannot wait to have a good read. It is such a fantastic achievement and your must be very proud.

  4. Congratulations Niamh! I love that your first review was from Readings an absolutely brilliant book store in my hometown of Melbourne…

  5. Congratulations, Niamh! This is so exciting – what a fabulous review and it makes me want to get my hands on a copy even more!

  6. Congratulations Niamh and all the best of luck. You deserve all this success and I am genuinely so happy for you. As I’ve just recently self-published my own book “An Epicurean Odyssey – A Road Trip Around New Zealand”, I can sincerely empathise with you. It took me two years and a lot of hard work, yet it is all worth it in the end.
    I’ve ordered a copy of your book via Amazon and will post a review of it on my website and blog.
    Hope to catch up with you soon.
    Best wishes

    Robert Giorgione
    Founder of http://www.robertgiorgione.com and Roving Sommelier

  7. wine_scribbler says

    with all this build up I’m looking forward to my copy hugely!

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  9. LittleFfarm Dairy says

    Hi there Niamh –

    I’ll twist my husband’s arm to breaking-point, to persuade him to order your book for me, as an early birthday present! I doubt it’ll be a problem though; as I know he too loves reading your Blog – anything so engagingly written is irresistible….especially when our favourite subject – food – is involved!

    Brunch will be sadly missed but if I possibly can, I’ll make it to Abergavenny. Unfortunately I’m also horrendously busy that week; but at least will hopefully have recovered from the Ludlow & Marches Slow Food Festival, where I’m honoured to have been asked to give a lecture and tasting session on goats’ milk gelato; partnered with Hay-on-Wye’s excellent Shepherds sheeps’ milk ice cream. An interesting and refreshing change…no cows’ milk in sight!

    Anyway – once I have your lovely book in my greedy mitts – I look forward to recreating a fine & vicarious brunch; albeit regretfully bereft of your unfailingly entertaining, effervescent presence.

    Heh we can’t all be everywhere, at once! But at least wonderful recipes unite us; and yours, unfailingly, make us feel “at home” – wherever we are. Really looking forward to your wonderful book.

    Cheers aye – Jo, Tony & “Lovespoon Gelato/LittleFfarm Dairy” menagerie :0)

  10. Siobhan says

    Hi Niamh, got your book on pre order from amazon today and have spent the last few hours browsing thru it. It is gorgeous and I’m cant choose what to try out first. Love that lots of the recipes are geared towards two people. I hope it’s a huge success for you. Congratulations !

  11. Congratulations! I’m a children’s author and new to WordPress. I’m always happy to see someone writing and publishing!

  12. Helena says

    I received the book the other day and it’s become a favourite already! The lamb shanks we cooked from it were delicious. Thank you and congratulations!

  13. Wow, so glad I discovered your blog today which led me to your new book! Congratulations!
    Going on my wish list for sure.. hopefully an up and coming purchase as well!

  14. Epicurienne says

    Hi Niamh, I’ve just ordered your book on amazon. Can’t wait to see it! Will defo post a review for you on my blog and on amazon. Huge congratulations! Alex

  15. anGoose says

    Niamh, soon as I can afford.
    Alas I am out of work, plus points more time for foraging, down side no money for books. Perhaps I could badger the library for it, not sure how that works?
    Your site is so cool!
    Back to foraging,Just found a great mussle bed, cooked some with Thatchers Katty cider onion and parsley they were sublime.
    Maximum respect and good luck with the book and other projects.

  16. Congratulations! What a great time for you! I think that is every food blogger’s dream. Enjoy every moment. :-)

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