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This Weekend: Comfort & Spice Cafe at the Theatre of Food, Electric Picnic

Theatre of Food at Electric Picnic, this weekend!

Well, I am so excited. I am going this weekend to one of my favourite music festivals in Ireland – Electric Picnic – and running my Comfort & Spice Café there for brunches! Recipes from the book feature predominantly, and it runs from 12 – 3 on Saturday and Sunday.

Comfort & Spice Café Space at the Theatre of Food, Electric Picnic

Come, and I will sooth your hangovers with slow roast pork shoulder and spiced apple (homemade) blaas, chorizo, potato and egg hash a veggie spicy tomato, egg and potato hash, Turkish eggs with chilli butter, my homemade bacon jam with soda farls and bircher muesli for the virtuous out there. We will also have wine from The Wine Buff. Well, it is a festival, isn’t it? And I do love wine.

Comfort & Spice Café at Electric Picnic - Brunch Menu

So, come by and tell your friends! It’s a big space and there will be plenty of room.

Personally, once my apron is off, I will be checking out all of the other wonderful food events including the farmers market and food collective which will have talks and demos from some of my favourite Irish food folks like Paul Flynn and the guys from Harrys Restaurant in Inishowen. More details on the Electric Picnic website. You can follow the Theatre of Food on facebook too.



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  1. Maria Murray (@xxmariamurrayxx) says

    Wow!! Sounds amazing, have a great time! I wish I was going, booo, but i’ve directed my friends who are going to your stall!

  2. Got my copy of your book on order, can’t wait to get my hands on it! The only thing I won’t be able to recreate is getting the Frank Hederman smoked salmon. There is nothing like it here, it really is the best I’ve ever tasted!

  3. Aoife says

    Can’t wait to visit tomorrow morning for some of that Chorizo hash! :) Have a great weekend!

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