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Comfort & Spice Café: The Real Stars, Brilliant Producers

So, Comfort & Spice Café at Electric Picnic went well, and I was delighted with it, but what really made it special was the brilliant produce – mostly Irish – that went into the food.

(I had photos of all of the products but someone stole my camera so, generously, Aoife of I Can Has Cook has donated the ones that she took of the food)

Stars of the show were:

Overnight Slow Roast Pork Shoulder with Spiced Apple in a Homemade Blaa - Crowes Farm Terrific Organic Pork

Crowe’s Farm Organic Pork Shoulder & Bacon – terrific stuff, I highly recommend it. For Overnight Roast Pork Shoulder and that infamous Bacon Jam. Crowes Farm also fulfilled a last minute order for me with ease. Irish people – check them out – you won’t regret it.


Frank Hederman Organic Smoked Salmon
– only the very best will do, and for me that is Frank Hederman’s smoked salmon. A generous friend arranged to pick it up for me direct from the smokehouse, and we were all set.


Frank Hederman Organic Smoked Salmon with Potato Cakes and Cucumber Pickle

Great local potatoes from the Stradbally Farmers Market
which became part of the potato cakes and also the chorizo and slow roast pork hash.

Organic Glenilen Butter, Milk & Creme Fraiche
– for the blaas, the Turkish eggs, the brownies and the bircher muesli. As my 2 year old niece said when I cooked with her: MORE BUTTER, MORE BUTTER!

This fabulous rich creamy butter made everything that bit more special. We have wonderful pasture in Ireland – it’s all that rain you see – and as a result our dairy is really very good and a little unique. Glenilen, for me, take it to another level, matching the quality of homemade butter but it is easily available in shops. It’s what I use if, for some reason or another, I haven’t made my own.

Londoners, you can get it in Waitrose, Selfridges and good delis. The milk was a special order but was really special, and the creme fraiche with the brownies a dream.


Glenisk Organic Yogurts – fantastic organic yogurts for the Turkish Eggs and the Bircher Muesli. Creamy, thick, not too tart, perfect. Available everywhere highly recommended.


Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate for Cooks
– my brownies went down a storm, and I think it was the alchemy of this terrific cooking chocolate and Glenilen butter that made it (there’s not much flour in there you see). Sadly no pic due to those camera thieves. Also the following ingredient which was (you guessed it) terrific.


Chorizo & Local Potato Hash with Local Free Range Eggs

Local Free Range Eggs from a farm near the festival – I found a great farm via their son on twitter when I asked for sources of great free range eggs. Can you meet outside Napper Tandys Pub before the festival, I will meet you there with the eggs?! If only everything else in life were that easy. Great eggs, great service.

And that’s it. Life is easier, sweeter and tastier when you source locally. All it takes is a little bit of effort.



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  1. Really sorry I missed this, but I received my copy of your new book yesterday and it’s absolutely fab! Will be making up for missing all your wonderful cooking by experimenting in the kitchen myself. The homemade butter sounds completely incredible, and those black pudding croquettes…wow :-)

  2. TJ’s smoked dry cure bacon is some of the best I’ve ever had, and the Glenilen butter is so good, even my 6-year-old daughter sneaks little bits of it just to eat straight up on its own (plus you can’t beat their packaging). And that reminds me – time to place another order with Crowe’s Farm to restock the freezer!

  3. I love it when I can source food like this too. Our neighbour delivers our eggs on Friday evening, rain or shine (and it was really rainy last Friday!) so that we always have them fresh for Saturday morning’s brunch. She and her son also grow lots of different organic veggies too so we benefit from those as well. Add to this the fantastic produce I manage to barter at the farmers’ market and the likes of Glenilen and I am spoilt for choice. Really spoilt when I come to think of it!

  4. I love how you wrote about the source of the food, I believe food is best when fresh local and seasonal, which is why I love working at the farmers’ market! thanks for shining the spotlight on the producers, and for celebrating them by making great food(:

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