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Pumpkin, Pecan & Spinach Mash for Inbetween Days

Not a looker but this mash is delicious

Summer has gone. The leaves are falling, the winds rising, and the rain is a more regular visitor. The nights close in earlier than before.

It’s that time of year when it is impossible to dress correctly, always being too hot, or too cold. It’s just not all that pleasant.

But, it’s not all bad.

Pumpkins are in season again, their proud round orangeness proclaiming the arrival of an imminent Halloween. Carve ‘em, light ‘em, and make them a jack ‘o lantern. Do eat them too, they’re delicious.

I love them in soups, curries, tarts and pies. I love a rough and tumble of diced cooked pumpkin with strong cheese, nuts and spinach. I especially love them in a mash.

Now this mash is non traditional. It’s crunchy and soft, salty and sweet. For me it was the perfect plate of comfort that I needed to get me through one of the first autumn evenings.

Now pumpkins may seem tricky, but I promise that they’re not. For this, buy one small one, cut in half and scoop the seeds and fibres out with a spoon, then drizzle with olive oil and roast for 25–30 minutes at 180 deg C, until just tender. Now they will be very easy to peel and mash, and the flavours will be concentrated. Just delicious.

Read more for the recipe: Pumpkin, pecan and spinach mash for inbetween days | iVillage UK



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  1. This looks great Niamh. I do not think there is enough cooking of Pumpkins in Ireland at all and they are soooo good. We carve ours too, but we save the seeds for toasting and we make Pumpkin pie and muffins with the rest of them. Did you get a new camera?

  2. Just gorgeous. I love a mash with texture (I get bored of silky constancy way too easily). Thinking this might make very good friends with some roast lamb…?

  3. Hi Niamh this looks great, what an exciting combo of flavours. I love Toris’ idea of pairing it with some roast lamb. I’ve been making onion marmalade which feels suitably autumnal as well.

  4. I love pumpkins – particularly roasted so they are sweet. My mum always claims they used to be looked down on in Ireland as a food stuff and were for “feeding to the animals” is it true or is she pulling my leg?

  5. Jill Taylor says

    And then all of a sudden it’s like a summers day again & the last thing I fancy is pumpkin!!
    Do love it though, when the weather starts to chill – pumpkin soup, thick and velvety – yummy!!

  6. I love pumpkin! I’m still having a hard time deciphering all the different kinds of squashes out there though. The asian pumpkin I grew up with is very nice and sweet, but I may have stupidly ended up with one meant for carving last fall, which was kind of bland and put me off them for a while.

  7. Restless Native says

    Yay for Pumkin. There are some amazing squashes around. This dish looks scrummy!

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