A Postcard from Seville

Seville is charming and very pretty, and even though I am back, I had to post some photographs. This is just a selection of the ones I have gone through so far so it’s not comprehensive. I took so many, and it takes a long time to go through them all.

More soon on my visit to the pata negra farm (black pig) and jamon iberico de bellota factory. Swoon, I miss that jamon. So delicious. Also, my favourite tapas which were at El Rinconcillio, Cafe Bar Las Teresas & E Morales (listed now as a few of you have been in touch asking for recommendations :).

Cathedral gardens in Seville

Old & New Seville

Snails at the market

Breadhead (couldn't resist - I was started by this - funny!)

Pretty sunset in Seville

Entrance to the Alcazar

Tapas at E Morales, Seville

Lovely man, and lovely tapas at Las Teresas, Seville

Pata Negra Farm

Pata Negra!

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  1. Your Seville pictures are stunning! I visited the city about 25 years ago and intend to go back in 2012. Thanks for the tapas place recommendations too.


  2. E Morales is our favourite bar / tapas joint in Seville – the do a great lomo de jerez there. Great photos.


  3. Beautiful collection of snaps. I especially love the snails photo: Is that gentleman drinking out of a juice box??

    Seville looks awesome. I bet it’s a bit hard to be back home after such a trip…


  4. Hi! Thank you for posting such amazing articles. I am currently developing a new blog about trips and walking tours in Sevilla. Can you help me to promote it? Thank you in advance!


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