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Evening Standard Column: Beef, Beet and Horseradish Burgers

The burger fascists will hate me for this, but truly, I love to play around with a burger and this combination really does it for me. It’s always nice to spice things up a bit, and beef loves it. Fresh horseradish is firey and perfect with beef, it also has a fancy for beetroot. Together they form a beefy holy trinity and taste delicious.

The only downside is the beetroot will turn your hands pink. If this is an issue for you, wear gloves, and Bob is your uncle. Or similar.

Try them as meatballs too (which would be a lovely little Xmas snack on a cocktail stick).

Recipe on the Evening Standard



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  1. Restless Native says

    I think playing around is cool, if you know what your doing. Niamh, you know what your doing. These look amazing. I hope to have a go at these soon.
    P.S. have done anything on London butchers, or any butchers?
    I read Hawksmoor uses the Ginger pig. I tried Barbecoa when I last visited London, a beautiful place. The guys know there stuff. We took a gridle pan and portable gas cooker. Two steaks £7
    both good really tender sirloin. I confess I messed up the rump,A silly mistake. Flavour was not as huge as some beef I have had That said , I am In Devon , we have amazing meat in the area.

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