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Back to Market this Week! Slow Roast Pork Blaas Ahoy

Remember the market days? Those far from lazy hazy days. Those hard working but fun days where I would cook through the night all manner of things from slow roasted pork shoulder to chickpea and chorizo stew then serve them up at Covent Garden market? Well, they’re back! For a few days this week only, I will be serving up some of my market greatest hits dishes at Covent Garden Christmas Market, starting this Saturday and continuing next Thursday and Friday.


Overnight Slow Roast Yorkshire Pork Shoulder with Spiced Apple Relish in a Homemade Blaa

Brindisa Chorizo & Chickpea Stew

Slow Roast Pork and Black Bean Stew

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Spiced Warm Luscombe Apple Juice to warm your bones

Jars of homemade bacon jam to take home

Signed copies of my book, Comfort & Spice, will also be available to buy.

Look forward to seeing you there!



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Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.


    • can’t wait Shelley! It will be fun, and if it’s not (it will be!), I will treat you to a lovely dinner and lots of wine after :) x

  1. So many people I could give a jar of the bacon jam to! Trying to work out how to get an appropriately timed meeting in London in order to stock up.

    • Not this time! With all the travelling I didn’t get a licence sorted. Better for me I think! Spiced Warm Apple Juice or BYO :)

  2. Hope it goes fabulously- kicking myself that our flight to South Africa is just a little too early in the day on Sunday for us to make it there.

  3. Hey Niamh! I just found your address on a piece of paper in the bottom of my leather jacket pocket from Electric picnic this year. And then to open your page and find you talking abouts blaa’s is a real buzz for me being from Waterford. How many people in the world know what a blaa is outside of Waterford? A lot more now I presume as you are spreading the good word. Hah! I love your site and am delighted to join and keep up with you on the lovely food journey.
    Take care. Gaff.

    • HELLO! Oh a blur indeed, for me too! I’ve never worked so hard. A little sad to have missed so much of the party. Spreading the good blaa word here in Laaandin :) Hope you’re well.

  4. Or possibly given to me by Katn’u?? now that I have read it all. It is a bit of a blur i have to admit.:-)

  5. Bacon Jam! you’re freakin’ kidding me. How amazing! I need to get hold of some or try making my own, I feel a Google search coming on! And the pork sounds ideal for this time of year, not tried Yorkshire pork before though. Is it the mutts?

  6. We usually have hog roast with focaccia and caramelised onions at our restaurant opening parties. Fastest way to empty a restaurant – incredible!! Must be the smell of slow roast pork… nothing beats it.

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