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Back to Market with a BANG

Overnight Roast Pork Shoulders (using best Yorkshire pork!)

So, I am back at market. I knew how hard it was on my own, all that cooking, delivery logistics, cooking in a poky domestic kitchen, moving everything from home to Covent Garden, lifting (all that lifting!) and serving all day. I hadn’t forgotten. I knew what I was getting into. But I had. It is so hard!

Anyway,  the hard bit is the build up. It’s almost always lovely at the market itself. Last week I was slightly hampered by jet lag (I was in China until last Tuesday – more on that soon), a brutal cold that I picked up in snowy Beijing and severe sleep deprivation (WHERE IS MY TINY VIOLIN?!), but I got through it. An old friend came to town to help me on the day, and I will be forever grateful, it made such a difference.

Homemade blaas

This week I made the usual Overnight Roast Pork Shoulder with Spiced Apple Relish in a Homemade Blaa, and as always it sold out first and early. That dish just does something to people.They become entranced and have to have it. I think it’s the combination of crisp crackling, melting tender pork and soft blaa with the piquant hot relish.

I also made Slow Roast Pork Shoulder & Black Bean Stew and Brindisa Chickpea & Chorizo Stew.  Both popular but with time constraints this week, and my mental health in mind (I need more sleep this time! 3 hours is not enough), I am only going to serve the Brindisa Chorizo and Chickpea Stew.

Another hit was a new recipe, Spiced Warm Apple Juice. I am using Luscombe apple juice, a delicious apple juice from Devon made using a mix of rare heirloom varieties. That will be back this week and I will post the recipe soon.

I failed to bring home the bacon jam, but will rectify that on Thursday. I am contemplating making brownies too. There will be signed copies of Comfort & Spice too – perfect Xmas present! ;)

Back at market - with sleep deprivation, spiced apple juice and signed copies of my book! :)

So, I am off to get ingredients so that I can get moving again. Hope to see you on Thursday!



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  1. The food sounds sooo good, I’ll definitely try to be there next thursday! I’m sorry you’re stressed and ill though, but I must say, I’m glad (for selfish reasons) you dragged yourself back to the market (:

  2. Astrid (Angela Strid) says

    Reading this at 5.30am, in cold office at top of cold house, and it is making me soooo hungry. I can almost smell the pork and apple and I want some, now. Sad it’s a bit far from East Yorkshire, but maybe one day. Don’t wear yourself out though, take care. We all need your energy.

  3. Hmmm what about spiced apple juice with rum… I need a winter cocktail and that sounds about perfect. Please post your recipe. :)

  4. Nice to read about someone else having fun with markets.
    I am a chef who moved from the UK three years ago to live in the south of France and have been doing a mince pie, parkin (ginger cake), gingerbread, beer and mulled wine christmas stall for the past 2 weeks. The french aren’t totally sold on my quintessentially english treats yet but we’ll see!
    I have recently decided to start writing a blog about my french food adventures maybe some people might like to read it?


    Feel free to read, comment, follow and tell your friends and tell me what you think!
    Great blog! Keep going!
    Cheers! A

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