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That Big Comfort & Spice Christmas Lunch at Blacks

The gorgeous fireplace at Blacks

Wot larks! Much fun was had and there was a lot of cooking. We got started at 8am. The pork had, of course, gone in the night before and was cooking away gently on an overnight roast – the smell was luscious when we arrived. Fuelled by a strong black coffee, I got cracking on the chocolate mousse and honeycomb, regretting quickly the decision to plate up 40 individual chocolate mousses. A messy laborious business, I even got some in my eyebrows.

Overnight Roast Pork Shoulder (recipe from my book Comfort & Spice)

The day chugged along, the pork finished and we crisped up the glorious crackling. Time to make the spiced pumpkin soup, a big vat of it. We made a robust root veg mash, some cavolo nero with bacon and chestnuts to serve with the pork. Some spiced apple relish too, a big bowlful for each table.

The pescetarians had a lovely crab bisque with crayfish and red mullet, and the vegetarian (there was only one) a jerusalem artichoke, pear and gorgonzola risotto.

Nibbles incl bacon jam on toast

Time then to make the bacon jam, it was just an hour to arrival. And to bring the brie from Neals Yard Cheeses to room temperature. Toast the bread, spice and heat the cider and get ready to serve in gorgeous silver teapots, and we were almost good to go.

Comfort & Spice Xmas Lunch at Blacks

We lit the fire and guests arrived and Blacks started to bubble. It was fun! Not awful. I secretly worried it might be really stressful, having never catered for such numbers by myself at a sit down lunch before. (I had, of course, catered for large numbers with a team of others many times before).

Spiced Pumpkin Soup (Recipe from Comfort & Spice)

Spiced Pumpkin Soup (Recipe from Comfort & Spice)

Overnight Roast Shoulder of Pork from my book Comfort & Spice

Loadsa honeycomb to serve with chocolate mousse (recipe from my book Comfort & Spice!)

Chocolate Mousse with Honeycomb for dessert

I loved it. I really did. Being in a proper kitchen was great, and tough, but I liked the pressure and I liked getting things done, ticking things off the checklist. Robin, head chef at Blacks, was terrific and calm and a brilliant support. He guided me gently through a mornings work in his kitchen.

One of the happy dining rooms at Blacks

So that was that. And it’s Christmas now, almost. Another tick for a lovely year. I will definitely be going back to Blacks. And hopefully to their kitchen.

Happy Christmas! :)




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    • Hi Katy! I do hope so. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed cooking. Maybe a Spring one! :)
      Happy Xmas to you too x

  1. It’s 6.00am and I’ve just read about your fabulous meal at Blacks. I swear I could smell the aromas wafting off the page – your pork looked so ‘scrumptious’ (that’s the best word to describe how it looked) and just loved the soup and choc mousse with honeycomb. Blacks looked a great place to eat – makes me realise that a few trips to London are necessary. Will buy the book in January. Well done for a great blog, Niamh, and Happy Christmas.

  2. joyce says

    Looks like it was a blast and a good time was had by all…the food looked scrumptious!!!

  3. natasha @ Food I Fancy says

    That crab bisque looks delish *correction*, it all looks delish!
    Happy Christmas, Niamh.

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