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Very Late Xmas Gift Ideas for Food Obsessives: My Favourite Kitchen Kit

Very late! Always very late. But would you expect anything less? I’ve not even started my Xmas shopping yet but hey-ho.

I’ve promised a list every year of things I love and things I use in my kitchen and (blush) never actually delivered, so here you go. I am going to do it in 3 parts, one on kitchen kit, one on books and one on random stuff.

I had to seriously beef up my kitchen kit this year with all of the cooking and testing for the book, not everything was essential but there are some I wouldn’t be without now. Here are my top 3 items from my kitchen, and one that isn’t kit strictly speaking, but is really important: knives.

Kitchen Kit

Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer

I use my KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer almost daily making anything from bread to marshmallows. It’s a great home machine and is very pretty to boot. I think I need to move on to the professional size next for the volumes I now require but I will always have my bright pink one on the kitchen counter at home.

Tip: the classic mixer is significantly cheaper (by £160 on Amazon) but we all love the more expensive coloured ones. Shallow and ridiculous but true.

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer, White

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Red

Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine

I’ve written about it before, but I honestly wouldn’t be without this now. I am a coffee fiend, and I work from home, often quite late and starting quite early. This piece of kit affords me delicious cafe style lattés to kick start my day. Friends who have tried it have bought it since too and I know it is appearing under a few Xmas trees this Sunday morning.

Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine with Professional Filter Holder, Stainless Steel Body

Cuisinart Professional Ice Cream Maker

I love making home made ice cream, and had to do a lot of testing for my book. I wanted something that would be good and that I could also use on a whim. I am really rubbish at forward planning and putting an ice cream bowl in what is probably a too packed freezer anyway. This requires none of this and is ready to go once you have made your custard and you have ice cream in less than an hour. I love it.

Cuisinart Professional Ice Cream Maker

As a side note, I have had the Gaggia Gelatiera recommended to me too by my friend Signe who has had one in her family home since the 80’s and it’s still going strong. It also freezes for you and requires no forward planning.


Good knives are an essential cooks tool, no matter what level. It makes your life so much easier and smoother when you have proper knives. Not only that you are actually more likely to injure yourself with a blunt knife as you have to put so much pressure on it.

Earlier this year, I was sent some knives by Chroma Knives to review and was seriously impressed so don’t hasten to recommend them. I use them every day now. The Porsche knives (Type 301 knives designed by FA Porsche) have quite a masculine design (no surprise there) but are really solid and fit beautifully in the hand. They make an excellent kitchen knife, especially the Japanese chefs knife which is a great starter knife.

My personal favourites were the Haiku Japanese knives which are really elegant and powerfully sharp. On first use they sliced through a lamb bone like butter. So I use them every day now, and with great care. These knives are made in small Japanese knife factories out of high-grade modern steel and are light to hold too.

Good knives are the first thing that every ambitious home cook should invest in, and are a great gift too.

Amazon is still sending so I have included links. Get shopping and I will too :)



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  1. One thing I really, really want is a good set of knives. I think the boyf and I are just going to slowly have to build our collection one at a time so we can get the best quality. Great list, I NEED a pink mixer.

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