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2011: Wham Bam, Thank You Mam!

And what a blast it was. I knew going into 2011 that I was going to be writing and publishing my first cookbook, and I had lots of travel plans. It was so much more than that though, and as I sit here and recap, all I can do is grin, and be very grateful.

There were down sides – so many of my personal belongings were stolen – my camera and lenses (worth over £1000 with memory cards and memory sticks), my iPhone, my iPod, my bicycle and more at varying points BUT you know what, I didn’t even think of that until almost at the end of the post. All of that was horrible but there was lots of good stuff to balance everything out.

Weirdly, as I look through earlier posts, they seem like they are 2 years ago, rather than one. But that was 2011 for ya! I crammed a lot in.

As always, thanks for reading.

— all photos link to the associated post

One of my first recipes last year - Calamari with Blood Orange & Fennel

One of my first recipes last year - Calamari with Blood Orange & Fennel

Near perfect weekend brunch - recipe for Turkish Eggs

A trip to Lyon for the Bocuse D'or (commonly called the cheffing world cup)

Trip to Lyonnaise Bouchon, Cafe Les Federations - Poulet Au Vinaigre (gorgeous - still think of it)

Recipe for Winter Warmer: Chicken & Chorizo Pie

A Weekend Trip to Cornwall

Persian chicken stew with sour cherries, walnuts and pomegranate

Mardi Gras in Orlando

Spuntino opened in Soho - I liked it a lot

Included in The Irish Times Food File

Recipe for Wild Garlic Frittata

Recipe for Crab Claws with Wild Garlic & Chipotle

A Trip to Florence

.. and to Emilia Romagna

Towpath Café re-opened, and there was much rejoicing

A trip home for the frankly superb Waterford Festival of Food

A trip to Barcelona

... and a lovely lunch at Cal Pep

A trip to a haunted restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia

THAT Bacon Jam recipe (with smoked scallops)

Lovely Nova Scotia

How could I resist this Nova Scotian roadside diner?

More Irish madness in New Brunswick, Canada

Fiddlehead foraging in New Brunswick

Recipe for Ricotta Frittata with Tomatoes & Fiddleheads

One of my favourite recipes from last year - smokin' hot red eye ribs

One of my favourite launches of 2011 - José (tapas and sherry bar) opens in Bermondsey

… and I am going to stop there as it is 12.42 am and if I start going through my Argentina posts I will possibly book a flight back (oh how I would love to) and I definitely won’t get enough sleep.

More tomorrow – night!



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  1. joyce says

    Wow, seems like you’ve had such a funpacked year!!! Sorry about your items being stolen…I hate hearing about such things…hope 2012 is FANTASTIC for you!

  2. So much in just one year! Wow! Can’t wait to read what you’ve done in 2012. Happy New Year – or godt nytt år as we’d say in Norway :)

  3. As Aoife (aka Babaduck) said earlier on Twitter, I love reading your blog to live vicariously through all your adventures. I hope our paths cross again in Ireland in 2012!

    • Oh and I love yours too Kristin! Lovely to meet you last year at last and I am sure we will meet soon in Ireland :) x

  4. Niamh, what an absolutely GLORIOUS year and you’ve only tipped the iceberg! It was an honour and pleasure to meet you….well, eat, drink and be merry with you in Waterford! Hope to see you in the New Year! Here’s to another great one! Imen xoxo

    • Imen, a real pleasure to meet you too. Hope to see you soon for more shenanigans. Happy New Year!

  5. Woah, and this is just part one! I have printed your bacon jam recipe and told myself off for not having done so when I first read everyone raving about it months ago. x

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