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More of that 2011 Stuff – Argentina – it was a BIG trip

I didn’t go to bed after I wrote that last post. I had planned to but then Beverley Hills Cop came on and I am powerless in the face of that. It’s 10am now and I am in the airport on my way back to England, so it is time to continue reminiscing / reviewing 2011.

So, that last post was busy wasn’t it? The first five months of 2011. But you know what, that was the quietest part of my year. You see all that time, I was working like crazy writing / cooking / testing recipes for Comfort & Spice. It went to press in May, and there was nothing more I could do about it.

Brave New World, I could relax-ish, and work a little less hard (Jan – May was a super intense time), and I could really focus on travelling and eating some more (outside of my kitchen – I was so sick of the inside of my kitchen by then).

So, what’s a girl that has worked too hard gotta do? Well, why not take that cheque for that book, and spend too much of it on a big ass trip to Argentina? I never said I was practical.

Best room service ever? Rabbit empanadas on the terrace at Fierro Hotel... and the recipe!

SLURP! Empanadas at El Cuartito in Buenos Aires

A wonderful mishap - getting lost and finding a wonderful roadside parrilla in BA

The best empanadas I have ever eaten (in Mendoza)

Amazing day pretending to be a Gaucha, high up in the Andes

Lunch at La Cabrera in Buenos Aires

Beautiful Ceviche at Sipan in Buenos Aires

Recipe for Passion Fruit & Lime Ceiviche

A guide on where to eat in Buenos Aires for you (and those are dulce de leche pancakes!)

Some time relaxing - and a little horse riding - at Estancia Los Potreros in Cordoba, Argentina

A trip to Septima Winery in Mendoza, Argentina

... and their tasting menu with wines

A visit to Salentein Winery with a wine tasting and art exhibition launch



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