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Then 2011 Ramped Up a Gear…

**HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2012 be bigger, better and brighter than any year before it**

Following on from my previous post, I came back from Argentina to pick up the first printed copy of Comfort & Spice. Such an exciting moment but it was a Monday and I had no one to share it with as everyone was at work. Happily I bumped into a friend in Gelupo and we celebrated over an ice cream.

The pace definitely changed then, it was only 2 months before my book would come out, and people started to show an interest in covering it, starting with a shoot for Sainsbury’s magazine, which was all hugely exciting and very busy. In the background lots of other stuff was happening and I had to shelve any serious travel for a while. I did do some great small trips though starting with a wonderful week long trip to Toronto and Niagara which was fantastic and definitely a highlight of 2011.

A trip to Toronto

Niagara Falls from a helicopter

... with lots of wonderful food. This is 21 day home cured lardo with bread dumplings from Buca

... beautiful suckling pig tacos at Nota Bene

Gnocchi Poutine with Oxtail Ragu at Mildred's Temple Kitchen, Toronto

A quick trip to Dubai to the Palm Atlantis, and a wonderful meal at Nobu. This is collar of tuna, which really reminded me of a lighter shoulder of lamb

A quick trip to Dubai to the Palm Atlantis, and a wonderful meal at Nobu. This is collar of tuna, which really reminded me of a lighter shoulder of lamb

I have yet to write about Dubai, I can’t locate the photographs and am worried they might have been stolen with my camera. I was on a very short press trip with 3 other bloggers and we had a superb meal at Nobu, also a less impressive although pleasant meal at Locatelli. The tuna collar above was a revelation. I arrived home very tired after a long flight to discover that London had erupted into riots, very near my flat.

A recipe for N'duja Devilled Eggs - a new favourite

Then I pimped my piri piri recipe with n'duja: Pimp My Piri Piri Poussin

I got the first copies of my book, and had a preview for readers with four Comfort & Spice Brunch Clubs. Everyone that came brought a copy home and had plenty of food for brunch. Lots of fun. Sadly, I don’t really have any photos of it as but my camera was stolen shortly after.

Further on, on the Comfort & Spice Express, I found myself at Electric Picnic in Ireland. One of my favourite music festivals, I had agreed to run a pop up Comfort & Spice Brunch Café there. It was *hard* work. Really hard work. Time was tight so I had to get the first flight out, collect ingredients I had ordered, get to the festival 1 hour outside Dublin, set up and start working. I didn’t stop working – virtually – for 3 days. It went down well though, so was worth it. The Ticket from The Irish Times proclaimed us the best brunch at the festival on their front page and I was awarded a much coveted Bridgestone Award for my efforts.

Winning a Bridgestone Award at Electric Picnic, 2011

Featured in The Independent

I gave a Masterclass on making blaas and homemade butter at Abergavenny Food Festival with James Ramsden (who presented two of his recipes)

Featured in The Examiner in Ireland as part of a feature about food bloggers

Interviewing Ferran Adria at Google HQ in London (video on the post)

I went to Gothenburg...

... and had wonderful food

Interviewed in Agenda Magazine in The Sunday Business Post

Winning Best Food Blogger at the Observer Food Monthly Awards

I went to Georgia...

... met some lovely people

... and drank some fantastic wines (this one a natural wine from a monastery)

My column in the Evening Standard started

Recipe for Pumpkin Soup with Lemongrass, Chilli and Ginger

... and a recipe for Stuffed Munchkins

Back tomorrow with the last few months! :)



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  1. Bloody hell, how did you manage to fit so much into a year & still get some sleep? Honoured to be featured alongside you in the Examiner feature which was published on the day I jetted off with The Hubs for an epic food trip (aka celebration holiday) in the US. Also delighted to be the provider of the OFM photo. Hope to catch up in person in 2012


  2. Incredible to see all of the stuff in this strand. You are one of the few people who makes me feel like I don’t do enough with filling my own days! ‘Chronoptimism’: I love that. Is that even a word/ailment? It ought to be; I’m sure I suffer. I also love your OFM photograph (and again congratulations on that). And, of course, congratulations on the book itself: your big enabler and choker for all that went on in the year for you. You should be very proud. It took me a while to come face to face with a copy and it really is a fresh and engrossing book (and many books make that claim and aren’t). It was nice to see Georgia’s work again (years and years since I worked with her). On all these things, but especially the book and its successes, so very well done. x

  3. Hilarious – just noticed that you went from being 32 to 36 in that blog post! No wonder it seems like you were busy, you packed four years into the space of one!

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