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iVillage Recipe: Golden Flapjacks to Ease January Blues


It is January now, and the tradition is for everyone to feel a little guilty about their over consumption, and also feeling like they need a diet or detox. Personally, I don’t believe that January is the month for this, as it is one of the hardest months of all. But I will concede that I need to have better breakfasts, and snacks to get me through the mid afternoon.

Flapjacks are the perfect thing, especially when they are homemade, even more delicious and usually better for you (unless you are buying proper homemade ones elsewhere).

This is a very simple recipe and it takes minutes to prepare. Basically one part brown sugar, butter and golden syrup or honey to two parts oats. You can add dried fruit or similar at this point too.

I often make chocolate flapjacks. But it’s January so I will behave and keep them plain – they’re still delicious anyway. If you do use any fruit it’s better to use dried as fresh fruit has more water and may mix your mixture too moist, so that it doesn’t hold together. Use 50g for this volume of flapjacks.

Recipe on iVillage: Golden flapjacks to brighten up a grey January



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  1. Karen Convery says

    I’m with you on flapjacks to ease the blues, there’s something about the oatiness that just calms and soothes but in a much tastier way than porridge…

  2. They look delicious, that golden toasty brown is beautiful!
    And so is that spoon!I know this is really off topic, but where did you find it??

  3. I’m a big fan of flapjacks, gooey, and sweet with the chew of the oats. Mmmm, I haven’t made these since I was a child. I’d better get cooking. GG

  4. Mmmmhhh, flapjacks! So good. The last few times I have made them mine came out crumbly though, so I’ll try this recipe!

  5. Looks like a mighty fine thing! Would love to know what kind of chocolate you add to these – I think dark may be too bitter?

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