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Evening Standard Column: Smoky Lamb & Aubergine Rolls

This is another favourite recipe of mine and another one from ye olde market stall of yore. I love using leftover lamb shoulder in this – it’s just so moist and packed full of flavour – but you can substitute minced raw lamb shoulder here too. The king of all vegetables, the aubergine, really shines here with its lusty smokiness. I love it, and I do wish I had one to eat right now! 

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  1. I’m so making this to go with all my other recipes of yours: the pomegranate molasse salad, the posh mushrooms on toast with that lovely beurre blanc and the chocolate mousse with honeycomb. Oh and the mulled wine recipe was great.

    Thanks ever so :) :)

  2. I love this way of preparing aubergine, it ends up smoky and silky. I can also see this working well with rice. Thanks for the suggestion Niamh.

  3. Looks wonderful, Niamh. Might even try and get these under the nose of my sausage-roll-loving little one and see if she can tell that she’s been duped into eating something different!

  4. Yum. I love this way of cooking aubergine – its really Indian and reminds me of my childhood and a favourite dish called bharta. Will be making these at the weekend to eat with pomegranate and mint type salad, thank you!

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