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A Postcard from Paris

Essential tourist shot of Paris

Paris, so lovely, and even lovelier with the crisp, blue skies and sleepy breezes. We went last weekend and blissfully had no rain, and lovely wintry weather. Wrapped up warm, I do love the winter. Just not the rain, unless I am inside and listening to it.

Lots to share but first some photos, and for me a little reminiscing. Back soon with details on where we ate and slept, and what we did there.

Bowlers at Tuilieres, Paris

Watching the world go by


Caviar and Champagne at Hotel La Tremoille

Baguette to Bistro Walk with Meg of Context Travel - Cheese Tasting at Androuet

Gorgeous lunch at Les Papilles

Perfect French Onion Soup at Brasserie Balzar

... followed by a delicious steak tartare

A bottle of wine for the road home from Le Verre Volé




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  1. Ahhh…’tis lovely. I’ve done the Brasserie Balzar thing too, years ago, after reading Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik wherein he describes how the locals “saved” it when it was bought out by the Flo Group. Great read! Great brasserie too! So happy I’m going back next July.

  2. Lovely photos. I look forward to hearing about where you went. I used to live in Paris but am somewhat out of the loop now on where to eat when I go back!

    Charlotte @gofreecakes

  3. FrancescaG says

    love the cheese tasting pic! Might try that presentation technique myself with the neatly sliced baguette!

  4. Thank you! I’ve always wanted to go to Paris (hubby wouldn’t fly). Wish I were there with you. The food looks absolutely yummy and Paris, tres magnifique!

  5. We were in Paris too last weekend and I sat in those green chairs watching the birds on the water. Your photos are lovely and have inspired me to make French onion soup.

  6. Nice cheese pull on that soup! ;) I’m intrigued by the baguette to bistro walk, sounds like a fun way to see some of the city.

  7. Great pics Niamh! Love Paris in the winter, find it much more beautiful than in springtime in fact :)

  8. lovely pictures! It’s years since I was in Paris – children intervened… tho they’re now getting old enough that we could take them for a weekend. Foodwise, I know it’s a tourist favourite, but I really loved Bofinger; we were sat beneath the coupole (without asking, it was a late lunch so not crazy busy) and had a great meal. I want to go back!

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  10. Ooh la la soo lovely! Adore Paris…you’ve captured all the perfect nuances and the snap of French onion soup is jumping off the page, divine! Imen x

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