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Paris Break: Living it Up at Hotel La Tremoille

Paris, January 2011

Paris Part 2! Last weekend I journeyed a speedy 2 hours on the eurostar early Friday morning and found myself in Paris for a bistro lunch, caviar & champagne late afternoon snack and a brasserie dinner. We had a sneaky indulgent champagne breakfast on the eurostar too – we couldn’t resist. I love it and that was just Friday too.

Paris, January 2011

We stayed at Hotel La Tremoille in the 8th, an old school hotel with some modern twists. It was perfectly central allowing us leisurely strolls along the Seine. There was even a local caviar shop and truffle shop and restaurant. Tres luxurious.

Caviar & Champagne at Hotel La Tremoille

Our room at La Tremoille

Part of our package was a Baguette to Bistro walk led by Meg of Context Travel and Paris by Mouth, a fun, informative and really delicious morning tour of St Germaine taking in a lovely boulangerie, cheese shop and chocolate shop.

Cheese Tasting at Androuet, St Germain, Paris

Lovely cheesemonger at Androuet

The highlight for me was the cheese tasting. We visited one of the oldest cheese shops in Paris, Androuet (now also in London). Proud and rich in history there were stories of cheesemongers having to pray in monasteries in Provence for a week before getting access to the monks prized and delicious cheese. They stock only raw cheese too, bar one pasteurised one for pregnant ladies. Meg chose some cheeses and we had a little tasting outside before moving on to a fantastic chocolate shop. We stopped by this amazing Parisian institution on the way – Deyrolle – where we spied this amazing taxidermied dinner party.

Taxidermied dinner partay

Part 3 & 4 to come: living like a local in Paris, and where to eat and visit.

We stayed at Hotel La Tremoille as guests. They are offering a Flavours of Paris break including caviar and champagne and a Baguette to Bistro walk, for January & February only – to book visit We travelled with Eurostar. Eurostar Plus Gourmet currently offers travellers up to 50% discounts at many top restaurants in Paris, Brussels and Lille. See site for details.




  1. How funny, Deyrolle was just featured in the Irish Times Magazine this past Saturday, those stuffed animals are staring at me from the cover. If only there was a Dublin-Paris Eurostar I’d be snapping up that hotel deal in a flash! Will we be seeing you over here again for Inishfood?

  2. Beautiful pictures. I have not been again to Paris for years. The display of the cheese makes my mouth watering.. I think a trip there is needed soon!

  3. Colette says

    That tour and hotel sound amazing! I have just sent the link to himself in a major hinting offensive! Great post Niamh!

  4. Indications of the permanent scarring from our weekend in Paris long ago, read Androuet but saw Andouillette. Argghhh! Great post though, thanks for the tips, makes me want to chug down on the Thalys pronto xx

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