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Evening Standard Column: Beijing Dumplings (Jiaozi)

Beijing Dumplings - Photo from Comfort & Spice (Georgia Glynn Smith)

When I wrote my book, I hadn’t been to Beijing, but was obsessed with Beijing dumplings. Now I have been to Beijing and am even more obsessed, and not just with the dumplings but with Peking Duck, Noodles with Pork & Black Beans and lots more lovely things which I am adding to my repertoire. More on those soon….

For this weeks column on Beijing dumplings, and the recipe, head over to the Evening Standard.



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  1. that’s brilliant, esp since chinese new year is coming! just blogged about something really similar, with cabbage leaves as wrappers instead, love the sweetness and lightness of cabbage with this, plus, heh to be honest I was too lazy to go and buy/make the dumpling wrappers. I love the chilli in your dipping sauce though, will add that to mine the next time round ;)

  2. Just when im looking for dumpling recipes i find two very tasty looking ones! Thanks for the dumpling wrapper recipe, i have become frustrated with the lack of chinese ingrediants where i live and wonton wrappers have been evading me for some time now so this is perfect.

  3. When I first met my boyfriend I impressed him by taking him to a dim sum restaurant and now we eat dumplings just about every weekend. I usually buy them but sometimes I make them – I use a pasta maker to roll out the wrappers. Bit of a fiddle but it’s worth the effort I think.

  4. These look so amazing and surprisingly I have the sheets if gyoza paper already from when my sister was cooking an asian phase. I will be trying these as soon as I can get to the store for pork mince – oh or maybe chicken mince and pork?

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