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Where to Eat in Paris: Les Papilles

Les Papilles, Paris

When I travel, one of my first pit stops is twitter, where I ask the hivemind for recommendations. Results are mainly successful, sometimes bizarre, but always a brilliant starting point when travelling and wanting to eat well. Particularly when you want to eat as locals do and off the tourist track.

When I recently asked for recommendations for Paris, two people I really rate resounded “You have to go to Les Papilles”, so I took that as an order and I did.

Les Papilles is part epicerie, part wine shop, mainly restaurant. It is wooden and warm with a big round table in a bay window / alcove at the back and all other tables seemingly proceeding towards it, lining a long counter and shelves of wine with occasional food bits lining the walls.  There is also a downstairs area with a huge table, and lots more wine.

The menu is fixed, you have it or you don’t, although a vegetarian friend in Paris has told me that they can prepare a vegetarian menu if informed in advance.

I love the confidence of a fixed menu. There is little worse than a menu that reads like a bible, and a haphazard one. I like that I can walk in and say, I will have what you’re serving, and can I have this wine please? Especially when choosing the wine involves cruising the wine shelves and plonking it on your table for the waiter to open. Speaking of which, prepare yourself for the occasional visit to your table if you are sitting next to the wine.

We went for lunch – we were too late to get a dinner reservation – and were presented with a blackboard with the menu written on. The food was hearty, precise, full of flavour and very French. The soup and main course were served family style to share at €33 per person. The portions were very generous and the food beautifully executed. I would hop on the eurostar solely to go back.

Les Papilles, Paris

Les Papilles, Paris

Set Lunch Menu at Les Papilles

terrific leek & potato soup

Large tureen of soup served to share

Large copper pot of overnight cooked ox cheek stew to share - delicious

Tender, hearty & delicious beef cheeks in red wine with carrots, potatoes & thyme

Forme d'Aubert with date in a red wine reduction - divine

Terrible photo of a delicious dessert - apples, panacotta and caramel foam (which has made me rethink my moratorium on foams!)

Les Papilles,
30 Rue Gay-Lussac  75005 Paris, France
01 43 25 20 79

Nearest metro: Luxembourg




  1. Mary Mc says

    Heading to Paris next month and this looks like it’s definitely going to be on our itinerary!!!

    Now I just need your accommodation recommends and my life will be even easier :-)

    • Uhm, I don’t know how I missed these comments – so sorry. Redesign imminent which will allow a complete travel section with hotel details etc :)

  2. Ah, glad you made it at last. I KNEW you’d love it, it’s great place. I first went there 5 years ago and have been back each time I’ve been to Paris. The no choice menu (evening dining also) throws a few unaware diners but the food is great, wine recommendations excellent (once they suggested a cheaper wine than our original choice and said we could swap if we didn’t agree with the rec) and a really positive atmosphere. Nice pics (as usual).

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  4. Will definitely add this to my to-do-list in Paris, the food looks fab and how lovely to walk around and choose your wine off the shelves.

  5. I can’t wait to go to Paris for a few days, I guess I should wait till March… it’s not that long isn’t it?!
    Thanks for the lovely pics!

  6. Sinead (@Shady_Lemonadey) says

    Heaven is a copper pot with overnight cooked ox cheek stew! beautiful. Heading there as soon as possible.

  7. Agree with you on tweeting prior to travel. But I also try luck in food blogs. Any suggestions for some great feeding holes in Budapest? Anyone? :)

  8. Maddy says

    How do you make reservations for this restaurant? I sent them an email and received no response. I’m visiting in a few days and want to make a dinner reservation. I guess I can wait until I get there. I’m intimidated by calling them, but maybe I shouldn’t be. Do they speak English?

    • You need to call I would imagine. I speak a little French but am sure someone there can speak English. Enjoy!

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