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A Postcard from a Snowy Crisp Amsterdam and Den Haag

Skating on Amsterdam Canals

I made it to Holland. There was a 4 am start and a trudge through the snow. I sleepily dragged my polka dotted suitcase behind worried it would be a waste of time and energy, but when we got to St Pancras we were delighted to see that the snow hadn’t affected the Eurostar. A 4 hour train journey with a stop in Brussels in the middle, and we were in Amsterdam.


Eurostar are running a campaign at the end of this month to advertise their route to Amsterdam, and asked me if I would like to participate by going and photographing 5 things for them to use in their campaign on the London Underground. 5 things of my choice, of course. I used to live in Amsterdam and I love it here, so I jumped at the excuse to come back. I adore train travel too.


I was delighted to see the canals frozen with locals ice skating on them, this happens rarely and I had never seen it. Lots of pop up gluhwein and erwtensoep (also called snert and translated as Dutch pea soup) stands had popped up and there was a feeling of joy and excitement in the air.


Eating snert on a frozen lake in Den Haag! :)

After my one night in Amsterdam, I made my way to Den Haag to catch up with old friends. We spent yesterday morning walking on the frozen canals while ice skaters whooshed by, finishing on a local frozen lake where I indulged in some erwtensoep and gluhwein. I was extremely well wrapped up and the thick pea soup with sausage went down a treat. So much so that we made some more when we came home. I will make it again when I get back to London, and will share the recipe with you soon.

Den Haag

Right now, I need to pack, and hit the road back. Have a lovely Monday :)




  1. Bob Sharratt says

    Bring on the snert recipe ASAP I too lived in Holland for a while and had forgotten how much I loved this soup

  2. Snert – snigger. Look forward to the recipe and looks like you had a great time.

  3. Restless Native says

    Lucky you! Its been ages since I whent to the Dam. The thought of walking on the canals sounds cool.

  4. I’m so glad you had a good time in my adopted city! I love living here, and the frozen canals were ace. There was an orchstra playing a free concert on one the other day. I’m sorry I forgot to recommend Wijn, but it sounds like you found it anyway.
    @Hidden London – unfortunately the thaw has started today. I guess it will take a day or so for the ice to go completely, but you need to hurry if you want to see it.

  5. Quelle gorgeous pictures and yummy words.

    You write like a dream.

    Waving from inside a skyscraper in manhattan!

    Safe travels.

    _teamgloria x

  6. Photos look fantastic and of course erwtensoep is one of the best soups in the world. The Dutch really know how to enjoy winter!!! I miss that aspect of the country now we have moved to France.

  7. Despite not having the Elfstedentoch looks like everyone really took advantage of skating on the canals. I know my family did.

  8. You brought back my childhood memories! I miss junk food from Holland, patat (chips) with warm Dutch Mayo, McD Mustard mayo (why don’t they do it in the UK!), croquettes, poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes), Toko food… we hardly go back but whenever we do we stuff ourselves with our childhood favourites!

    Erwtensoep only taste good with Dutch smoked sausages. The closest sausage we find in the UK is Mattessons Original smoked sausage :)

  9. Beautiful photos, I am very jealous. I had two winters in Holland, spent 3 days stuck in Schiphol due to snow, and yet never got to skate on a canal!

  10. Bob Sharratt says

    Hi Niamh,
    Have you forgotten that you were going to post the recipe for the snert that you had in Amsterdam?

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