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Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s OK, Really. (And a Recipe for Heart Shaped Pancakes)

Heart Shaped Pancakes for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day prompts a myriad of extreme reactions. Unhappy singletons proclaim abandonment by the rest of the world and some of those entangled demand to be showered with attention and proposals.

Heart Shaped Pancakes for Valentine's Day

But what of all us normal people? So many of us silently looking on. Life is short I say, and only as sweet as you make it, so as a single gal (and happy to be so) I made my Valentine’s Day a little special by wheeling out my ever so gorgeous heart shaped pancake pan.

Light, fluffy, a little sweet and a little tart, what more could complete your Valentine’s? A glass of wine, yes. Perfect.

Happy Valentine’s!

Recipe and more over on iVillage.



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    • They were so lovely and fluffy! The whipped egg white and the baking powder really give them a lift – enjoy Shrove Tuesday :)

  1. ginandcrumpets says

    That is the best pancake pan I have ever seen (although the shamrock one would top it). I have pancake pan envy.

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