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St Patrick’s Day: I am Cooking at the Roundhouse Hootenanny, COME!

St Patrick's Day Hootenanny at the Roundhouse - I am cooking, do come!

Ok! I am getting my crocs out and will to be cooking up a storm once again this weekend.

This time I will be proudly waving the Irish flag and serving my lovely Irish stew (lamb of course!) with Irish spuds that I am getting from Keogh’s Farm in Ireland (we really have the best potatoes), stout braised beef ribs, black pudding croquettes (using Jack McCarthy’s superb black pudding), colcannon and more. I am thinking we might do some toasties too as the TOASTED SPECIAL is Ireland’s unofficial national dish.

Not only will there be all of this lovely food, there will also be terrific live music, Irish short films, bodhrán workshops and lots more. It costs only £2 to come in and join us all in the fun.

If you don’t already know the Roundhouse it is the most terrific venue. You must come and help me celebrate my national day.

I may need some helpers too if anyone is keen? Email me or message me via the contact page.

Now, would you like me to serve toasties? I may even do my black pudding and chipotle ketchup one. Answers in the comments please!



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  1. Justin Roberts (aka justinjerez) says

    Finally got a copy of your book. Fantastic. 1st up is the 12 hour pork, just as soon as I get my hands on some!

  2. Oooo I like a lot! Menu looks incredible! Have an amazing time, and happy cooking! Have just whipped up Irish Milkshakes for St Paddy’s day! x

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