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CANCELLED: Cooking at St Patrick’s Day Hootenanny at the Roundhouse

I am very sad to announce that at the very last minute, I will no longer be able to cook at the Roundhouse tomorrow.

It is out of my control and I do apologise. I have just been informed by the Roundhouse that the stall will no longer be going ahead.

I will sign off before I say something that I regret. Understandably this is hugely frustrating, but until I speak to someone in authority there, I don’t really know what is happening or what they plan to do about this.

If anyone from the Roundhouse is reading this, I would really appreciate if you could call me.

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I like food. I like to make food. Eat food. Photograph food. Write about food. Mainly in London but when I am lucky or organised further afield.


  1. Wasnt going to be able to attend but soo looking forward to hearing about the event. feel for you. see u in.dungarvan.i hope. come and say hi.
    Happy St. Patricks. xx

  2. I am so sorry, and how frustrating that you have bought all the produce. I hope that you find a good way to sell it on. although there will be no shortage of sales if you can find a venue I’m sure.
    I hope that you have a great St Patricks day, despite pitfalls.

  3. Deniz says

    I was just about to leave home :( Hope you can schedule something similar later

  4. that’s very sad. I had hoped to find you there. I was busy this morning otherwise I was going to volunteer to help you. I’d really like the opportunity to do that if there is ever another opportunity.

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