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Scotching Eggs with the Egg Boss

Easter had almost passed me by. Normally I would be carving chocolate plans, dying eggs, pickling eggs, trying all the different eggs I could try. Last year I had turkey, goose, rhea, ostrich and many more. This year, nothing. Easter had crept up on me with stealth.

So, I tweeted on Thursday morning that I was a little disorganised, only to receive a swift reply from a man calling himself the Egg Boss.

Tweeting the Egg Boss

Ostrich egg? From a man who scotches? Well, I was intrigued.

I replied:

Tweeting the Egg Boss

And that is how I found myself on the bus to Camberwell on Good Friday morning.

Now, maybe it is not too clever to arrange to meet a random stranger – even if he is the Egg Boss – in an industrial unit in a part of London that you don’t know at all. But, I had faith. He is a friend of The Rib Man you see, whom I have met and chat to all the time, and we were going to use his terrific and slightly crazy hot sauce and his rib meat to scotch one of the eggs.

We started with dessert. A creme egg, coated in peanut butter and jam, blast frozen then coated in coco pops and smoked sea salt. Deep fried until crisp, I couldn’t resist a chomp while it was till warm. It reminded me of the star bars of my youth, but with that smoked sea salt to lift it. Really filthy as eggs go, but a must if you get a chance to try it.

Scotching the creme egg

Scotched creme eggs

Inside the scotched creme egg, photo courtesy of Florian Siepert, @siepert

A savoury break to try the black pudding scotch egg and the holy f**k one (it is hot, and is spiced with The Rib Man’s sauce). Terrifically savoury, runny yolks, crispy shell, I loved them. Egg Boss brown sauce on the side, I had to stop mid way egg two, I needed room for the ostrich one.

The Egg Boss with his scotch eggs

Ostrich Scotch Egg

So on to the ostrich egg. We cooked it for 50 minutes, just a little too long for a perfect runny yolk, but it wasn’t overcooked at least. This 2kg monster was cooled in ice and water before we packaged it in a meaty sarcophagus. Then we rolled it in many hens eggs, breadcrumbs and more eggs. Over and over until we had a perfect crumb coating.

Ostrich Scotch Egg

Ostrich Scotch Egg with a hens egg piggy back

Then we fried it. 170 deg C for approximately half an hour. Seán sat it in greaseproof paper as it fried so that we could gently roll it around. A gentle probe with a thermometer confirmed it was cooked.

Scotched Ostrich Egg

Scotched Ostrich Egg

Scotched Ostrich Egg & Me

A quick photoshoot for the egg and it was ready to taste. The ostrich white is an odd translucent but it tastes, well like an egg as you would expect. A little stronger but not by much. The sausage was terrifically spiced with The Rib Man’s sauce and the crumb crisp.

Egg Boss with his Scotched Ostrich Egg

I just had a little bit and then I was off. That was egg number four for that me morning, and an enormous one at that. What a brilliant day! Lots of fun, lots of scotch eggs of varying tastes and sizes. I highly recommend you try some – catch the Egg Boss at his stall every Saturday at Brockley Market.

Scotched Egg Collection: Ostrich Egg, Goose Egg & Hens Egg

Egg Boss
The Rib Man
Brockley Market



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  1. That is such an awesome egg! The scotch egg of my dreams.
    Such a fun and eastery post, we are so fortunate in this country to have such creative people who create some stunning innovative and fun food.

  2. arknine says

    Wow…. that looks absolutely amazing… am in awe of the filthy creme egg, rolled in coco pops then fried. OMG

  3. I’m so envious – I’d love to taste that scotched ostrich egg. Never mind, at least I’ve been inspired to scotch a creme egg – and that is at least doable at home!

  4. Lordy, that emu egg looks amazing. What on earth did you fry it in – must have been a big deep fryer!?
    While I struggle to justify the existence of creme eggs, the combination of cocoa pops and smoked salt is a truly inspired combination. Respect.

    • Of course I did! In fact I have told the @egg_boss and co that they must check it out. Fortnums have done one too and others. Always seems to pop up at Easter time. I was going to scotch my ostrich egg last year but Danny beat me to it.

  5. That is really one MONSTER scotch egg. This post really made me smile, in fact it made my (otherwise boring) Easter day. I’m going to go check him out at brockley market!

  6. I love the idea of a scotch egg that feeds 6 as a picnic dish! Also, the thing about the greaseproof paper is so clever and I never would have thought of it!

  7. aoifemc says

    What a brilliant adventure! The size of that ostrich scotch egg – jaysus!!

  8. yerba mate side effects says

    This is one good looking Scotch egg, I’ve made something like that for last Easter but it’s from Maya farm eggs. Well, even if it’s not as big as the ostrich’s, we enjoyed eating it.

  9. Some great pics on the Brockley Market site. I think I spy local cheese Shaphams Rustic. Also Lord of the Hundreds, a cheese I had a number of years back. Both cheeses are very good.
    I am also squinting my eyes at Partridge for £3:50. Not bad at all for London.
    Maybe I visit next time I am in London.

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