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April Goings On: Comfort & Spice Published in the US & Canada, Cooking at Waterford Festival of Food, Recipe in Delicious Magazine and Interview in the Irish Examiner

Hello there folks! I have a few things to update you on from the land of Eat Like a Girl and Comfort & Spice. It is really four posts in one – adopt the brace position folks! :)

Comfort & Spice Published in the US & Canada by Lyons Press

Comfort & Spice - now out in the US & Canada!

Most excitingly, and first out of the blocks, is that Comfort & Spice has been published in the US by Lyons Press. HUGE and exciting. It was published last week and it has been Americanified. No blood pudding, now blood sausage. Not one courgette to be seen, just lots of zucchini. No grams but a lorra lorra cups.  I do hope you like it. It has a different cover too!

You can buy it in bookshops or from the following websites:
Amazon Barnes and Noble Indie Bound Books-A-Million Powells Globe Pequot

Pop Up Restaurant & Demo at the Waterford Festival of Food

Waterford Festival of Food

The Waterford Festival of Food is back. One of my favourite food festivals, and in my hometown, this year I am cooking at The Baker, The Brewer & The Blogger Pop Up (it sold out really quickly when announced – apologies), and I will also be doing a demo on Sunday afternoon. Signed copies of Comfort & Spice will be available of course. There are lots of other fabulous happenings, including Angela Hartnett cooking at The Tannery. See you there!

More info on the Waterford Festival of Food site

My post from Waterford Festival of Food last year: A Postcard from the Waterford Festival of Food

My Grandmother’s Swiss Roll Recipe in Delicious Magazine

My Grandmother's Swiss Roll Recipe in Delicious Magazine

Delicious magazine asked me for a hereditary recipe for a feature for the magazine. I spoke with my mother and we decided on my grandmother’s swiss roll, which was one of her favourites. It almost was her sponge cake recipe as she always told my mother that she made the best one (out of eight children!).

It was lovely to write and submit this piece, particularly for my mother as her mother passed away just over two years ago and it was a nice tribute to her.

Interview in The Examiner, Ireland

Finally, I was interviewed recently by The Examiner in Ireland about blogging, food writing and all of the other things that encompass my random foodcentric existence right now. (A correction from my side: I actually said I had never had advertising because I was worried it would be compromising, but had decided to put some on as I don’t think it is now!).

Read the interview here



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