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Come to Selfridge’s tomorrow: I will be cooking with Jack McCarthy!

Jack McCarthy - demo in Selfridge's tomorrow & I will be cooking, while Jack is curing

Folks, it is short notice but I have been away – again. And I had no time to write as I was too busy eating bulls tail (rich and delicious, makes ox tail look wimpy), goose barnacles (look like a dinosaur foot and like it might hurt to eat but taste delicious, briney and delicate) and drinking sherry (Alfonso Oloroso, I salute you!).

But I am back in London now and cooking in Selfridge’s tomorrow with one of my favourite butchers, Jack McCarthy, from 12 – 3. I have cooked with and written about his terrific black and white puddings several times. Tomorrow I will be serving up my black pudding croquettes with chipotle ketchup and puddings made from 3 bloods – pig, cow, lamb – while Jack will be curing bacon 4 ways (spiced, sweet, traditional and organic nitrate free).

Black Pudding Croquettes with Chipotle Ketchup

Come down and have a taste of Cork! It will be fun and definitely delicious. There will be lots of other Irish producers there too.

Take a peek here http://www.jackmccarthy.ie



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