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Announcing: Cooking Classes! Starting Thursday with Bacon

Bacon Jam – as good as you’ve heard, maybe better :)

Forgive my disorganisation and for being so late announcing this, you must be used to it by now.

I have run cooking classes for some years in an ad hoc manner and have long wanted to run proper cooking classes outside of my home, but costs have been prohibitive. I wanted to run classes that were accessible and fun. I didn’t want costs to be excessive for you either.

Tamarind & Maple Candied Bacon

I am not sure I have figured it out, but I am going to give it a try. I have found a wonderful new cookery school in Old St that I can rent and I am starting this Thursday. If successful I will run weekly courses, one at the weekend and one during the week on an evening (so roughly every second week there will be a weekend one and in between a week day one). I am starting with a month trial.

Central St Cookery School

The course I want to start with is something that I have been obsessing with this week and that will be really fun: BACON. Because everything is better with bacon, isn’t it? Fun is key, taste is hugely important, I want these to be really individual and quality produce – the best bacon here – is very important too.

Making Candied Bacon Fudge with Maple Syrup

I will be working mainly with new recipes that nobody has seen yet. At the end we will have a little bite and a drink and you will get to bring the goodies home with you. Expect lots including bacon jam, candied bacon, candied bacon fudge and bacon vodka (which will become bacon bloody marys).

DETAILS: the class will run from 6.30 – 9.30 in Old St, cost £60 per person, and will include food & drink on the night and everything you cook you will either eat or take home.

TO BOOK: email me on niamh@eatlikeagirl.com to arrange payment (in advance) and I will send you the details , then I will see you on Thursday for some cooking action and fun.

Details on further classes soon! Expect Comfort & Spice Cooking Class, Home Cheesemaking, Homemade Sweets etc.



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  1. I would definitely be interested in a course at the weekend (work full time during the week), should I just keep checking your blog for details? Love the sound of the bacon cooking course – life wouldn’t be complete without bacon, right?! ;) x

    • Great to hear and yes, keep an eye on the blog. The first Saturday one is the week after next, I will announce details this week :)

  2. Issy says

    Wow that sounds terrific and such an original idea! I hope your trial goes well. If you are still offering them in the autumn when I am holidaying in your neck of the woods I will book in. Good luck.

    • Yes – have been making them for ages but have yet to publish the recipe. I will soon :)

  3. Wishing you the very best of luck with this new venture – would have been great when I was visiting Old Street for work frequently! Will keep an eye on the Saturday ones. Have fun – Sue

  4. Am looking forward to details of home cheese making, sounds like my ideal class. Just hope it’s on a day I can make. Good luck with the classes, I’m sure they’ll be a great success.

    • Hello! Should be later in the summer. Will give plenty of notice on here so watch this space.

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  6. Hi Niamh, Mike here from the Wine Buff, planning doing your six hour pork belly receipe at the weekend. All the best with the classes, they’ll be brill. If you want I’ll post up on our blog news of your classes. Let me know. Cheers

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  8. These bacon recipes looks wonderful. I was wondering if they are going to be made accessible to those who can’t make it – some sort of ‘how-to’ on your blog? I’m in LA – though I can smell the bacon frying from here……

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