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Bacon Masterclass: Some Photos

Bacon Masterclass

Bacon Masterclass has been and gone. It was as much fun as I hoped it would be. I worry sometimes that maybe people will think I have stepped too far away from where food should be, but last Thursday everyone was agreed that all things bacon were good. Everyone got to bring home two large jars of bacon jam, a big box of candied bacon fudge and lots of bacon vodka.

We made 4 bacon recipes with delicious smoked streaky Denhay bacon (only the best – without good bacon to start with, why bother?). We made bacon jam, maple syrup and tamarind candied bacon, candied bacon fudge (new favourite thing) and bacon vodka (with Grey Goose vodka).

Bacon Masterclass

Before you ask, the recipes won’t be made public for a bit, the only way to get them is to come to the class. Is that a bit mean? Maybe I will cave and blog them sooner. I have so many bacon recipes now, I might change the recipes for the bacon class quite often. I have received a lot of emails requesting them.

Bacon Masterclass

I will be starting my brunch club again soon on Sundays. I have found a great little location on Petticoat  Lane market in London. It will be bacontastic – bacon bloody mary, bacon fudge –  but it won’t be all about the bacon and there will be plenty of food and drink for veggies too. I will announce details this week once we have decided how it will go.

Just some of the Bacon Masterclass spoils

For those interested in a cooking class, my next one is this Saturday 26th. It is 4 hours and is £90 (including lunch and wine). The school is more expensive at the weekends so my prices must go up, I am afraid. I was going to keep it Comfort & Spice style with homemade butter, 2 hour pork belly, chocolate mousse with honeycomb and other treats. I now think it needs a lot of bacon action too – so bacon jam and bacon fudge.

One other thing, several have asked if I will do bespoke classes for groups, the answer is a firm YES, so please just get in touch. I am happy to come to your homes too.

If you fancy next weeks class, or any of the above, email me to book or enquire on niamh@eatlikeagirl.com.



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  1. Wow, bacontastic! If only you would come to Cheltenham and run some of your cookery classes here…I bought your book yesterday, it’s absolutely lovely, can’t wait to get cooking!

  2. Wow! Bacontastic! I wish you could come to cheltenham and run one of your cookery classes here! I bought your new book yesterday and it’s absolutely lovely, can’t wait to get cooking!

  3. Did you say candied bacon fudge?! That sounds great! Bacon is so popular in desserts right now. Even Denny’s has a maple bacon sundae on their menu. I like chocolate chip peanut butter bacon cookies.

    • I did! :) It is delicious. Bacon works really well with sweet things, which is surprising for some but makes perfect sense when you think about it :)

  4. Bacon vodka! Now that’s interesting – a tiny dash of martini and you’ve got yourself a delicious bacon pre-dinner cocktail. Salty and sweet. Perfect. I’d love to see the recipe, but I imagine it goes something like: cook bacon til crispy then let it infuse into vodka?

    • Hi Sam! Yes it is very good. Something like that, I will post about it soon but for the short term won’t be making the class recipes public.

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