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Comfort & Spice Cooking Class & Next Classes Available to Book

This blog has become a little cooking class obsessed, which must be annoying for those of you outside of London. They have slightly dominated my life this last few weeks. Planning them, setting them up, teaching them. Working out the kinks, figuring out the best way to do them. I think I am there now. Normal service will resume promptly.

Candied Maple & Tamarind Bacon Fudge

Bacon class was fun and very tasty. People often look a little confused when I mention bacon fudge (there are now two versions: candied maple & tamarind bacon fudge and bacon jam fudge), but when they try it, without fail their faces become joyful. So wrong it is right, and before you know it you’ve eaten it all. A few of you have requested the recipe by email or twitter. I have decided not to share these recipes until later in the summer, as I want them to be unique to the class. I will share them eventually though.

Blaas & Homemade Butter

Comfort & Spice Cooking Class (with recipes from the book and at the request of the students also bacon jam and bacon jam fudge) was a lot of fun and we cooked lots. Maybe too much in reality as the class became 5 hours instead of 4. We made blaas (fluffy Irish bread rolls), homemade butter, 2 hour roast pork belly (using Ginger Pig pork belly) with puy lentils, chocolate mousse with honeycomb, bacon jam and bacon jam fudge (made with Denhay bacon). Intense but nonetheless fun and delicious and everyone had a good time.

2 hour roast pork belly

We had lunch at the end and washed it all done with some fino and cava. I was worried that maybe it had been too much but charmingly, on Sunday morning, I had emails from everyone who had attended the class saying how much they had enjoyed it, and they all want to come back. Which is so encouraging – thank you.

I kept costs low to begin with as I wanted the pricing to be accessible for everyone. I still do, but I use only the best ingredients and rent a lovely cooking school to host them in which costs a lot of money. I am going to keep them low for the next lot of classes, I think it is important, but I think that realistically I will need to raise them after this in order for the project to be sustainable, if I decide to continue with them.

Central St Cookery School

I am only releasing Thursday dates right now. Soon some Saturday dates, later in the summer and also some dates for Brunch Club which will be resurrected soon. I have also been asked to provide private cookery classes (in homes and in alternative schools outside of London) and have been scheduling some of these. I am open to pretty much most things, so if you have an idea, just get in touch and we can work something out I am sure :)

Upcoming Cooking Classes – to book please email me at niamh at eatlikeagirl dot com

Thursday 14th June – Bacon Masterclass
6.30 – 9.30, £60
Recipes: Candied Bacon, Bacon Jam, Bacon Jam Fudge, Bacon Vodka

Thursday 21st June – Comfort & Spice Bread, Butter & Homemade Cheese Class
6.30 – 9.30, £60
Recipes: Soda Bread, Soda Farls, Blaas, Homemade Butter, Paneer, Ricotta

Thursday 12th July – Bacon Masterclass
6.30 – 9.30, £60
Recipes: Candied Bacon, Bacon Jam, Bacon Jam Fudge, Bacon Vodka



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  1. John says

    “I kept costs low to begin with as I wanted the pricing to be accessible for everyone”
    Hard not to infer that ongoing accessibilty’s not important to you. That’s a pity.

    • John, this is not the case. Right now I am not making any money on the classes as I am trialling them. This is not sustainable in the long term. It is expensive to rent the school and I use only the best ingredients (as I said in the post).

  2. Niamh, I think trialling the classes at a low cost was a wonderful idea. But, obviously long term this could not continue, without slacking on quality (ingredients, venue, etc, etc) which I’m sure would neither be morally right for you or for those attending the classes. People who go to cookery classes are ‘foodies’ and except to be using the best. Costs of the class have to reflect this, it is basic business sense :)

    • Thanks :)

      You are absolutely right. A good cookery school is expensive to rent – as it should be – and best bacon, maple syrup etc. is not cheap either. I never want to compromise on quality.

      I have also kept numbers low, which I didn’t mention here. The school can take 30 but I want it to be a positive experience for everyone and very hands on. I want everyone to feel they got enough attention and learned lots. It has to be a pleasant experience.

      Basic business sense doesn’t come easy to me but I am learning ;)

  3. maire flynn says

    Wow, gorgeous cookery school and even more gorgeous food – I think you should be charging twice as much !! :)

  4. Believe me none of us are getting annoyed about this fabulous blogs. This is very convenient place to visit to get all the updates regarding your latest offerings. I have not attended any of your classes so far but i am very tempted. Are you still running them on a trail basis or is there a strict fee. I do not know how you manage on a shoe string budget in Central London. It must be hard anyway i just wanted to update you about the Bacon fudge which i tried on my own. It come out very well i thought but unfortunately it didn’t go well with the guests. The main feedback i got was that it was not what people were expecting at all. Strange, I thought they would appreciate it for this very reason/ I also have a request that can you share some tips and recepies for oriental dishes which can be prepared easily. I mean nothing fancy but something which can be whipped up in my kitchen with the ingredients in the pantry and help will be heartily appreciated/

    • Hi there! My bacon fudge recipe is different as the bacon is either candied or in my bacon jam before added to the fudge. Not just straight bacon in fudge. I don’t think that would work.

      Prices are fixed for now but I must remain adaptable :)

      I will look at publishing some Asian recipes soon. I love it so not a problem :)

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