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Nyetimber Street Party

Nyetimber Street Party

I am not a royalist. I am really not. But I love a party. And I love English sparkling wine.

Nyetimber is one of the best, with 65 awards since the maiden vintage in 1992, including  ‘Best Worldwide Sparkling Wine’ at the IWSC competition. I brought a bottle of the 2005 vintage to a dear friend in Canada last year. She is a sommelier, occasional wine blogger and owns a terrific wine bar, and I knew she would love it. It is certainly something that people should be very proud of, and putting on their tables.

The street party took place in Battersea, with lunch cooked by Valentine Warner and Rose Prince. It was delicious and lots of fun. I am now craving coronation / jubilee chicken, which I can assure you has never happened before. I will need to work on a recipe.

Nyetimber Diamond Jubilee Chicken with Almonds and Mint

Broad Bean & Sheep Curds Tart

Raspberry Fool with Crown Biscuits

Rose Prince, Bill Knott & Valentine Warner judge the cake competition


Starting young


Egg & Spoon Race

Egg & Spoon Race

Dapper Best Dressed House Judges from The Sunday Times



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  1. That’s the poshest street party I’ve ever seen! I loved your photos, there’s something about events like this that makes you glad to be British.

  2. And I am curious about “sheep’s curd tart.” My husband and I raise 500 sheep here on the hills of western Massachusetts. I have never heard of sheep’s curd and wondering if you know anything about it. I’ll search around the internet…. Thanks. Kristin

    • Hi Kristin! Sheep’s curd and goat’s curd are very common cheeses here. They are basically a light fresh cream cheese. Really delicious too!

  3. sarah says

    favourite post of the year…thank you. Break did you good! who made the chicken and tart…any chance of follow up recipes?????????

    • Awh, thanks Sarah! Although I have not had a break yet. I think just saying it gave me a new lease of life :)

      I will ask re the recipes, and aim to come up with my own too!

  4. I love coronation chicken, but that version looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing your take on it (none of the street parties around here looked like that).

  5. Found your site through lastminute.com and hd to look at it based on the name! Very inventive. Street party looks great fun, I haven’t done an egg and spoon race since school, might have to try it again soon…

  6. Lovely photos, i really wish i could have gone to one but we moved to Ireland about a year ago and it was impractical to go home for the celebrations. I have to agree with the earlier post the celebrations look very posh, very very nice though and glad to see the sun was out.

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