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Update on Shrinking Attempts & Video Interview with AT Culture

One of the things I positively hate about living my life through the internet is how visible things are. An image search reveals more than I can bear, with that now well documented book-weight-gain. I swear it was worse than the baby weight most of my friends gained. My book was my baby.

My post on this very topic is still getting many comments. Most of them are expressions of relief or of shared exasperation. Many of you have emailed too. So I thought that I should update you again.

It took me a while to get started but attempts to shrink back to normal in the last 6 weeks have yielded great results and I am well on track to being back to my old slim self. Which makes me very happy.

All I have done – honestly – is walk for an hour whenever I can and get out and about. 3 times a week is probably what I have averaged on the walking. I want to increase that to 5 and try to do it every day.

I always walk with music playing on my iPod and no internet to distract me. It has been very healthy for my head and really beneficial for work, coming up with ideas and planning my day too. I don’t think I could bear the gym but I have started to get out dancing again, as this is the best exercise ever and I really love it.

With regard to food, I eat out less and try not to snack, unless I am really hungry and need to eat. I used to snack because I wanted to taste something before. I still eat the fatty stuff like pork belly (how could I not?!) but I have a much more balanced approach overall, and I find that as I feel better I want to eat healthier stuff. So, no strict diet but moderation and balance. I feel great for it.

Which brings me neatly to this interview which in part discusses it (and lots of other random stuff). When I watched this video interview with AT Culture I was squirming. It was the an incredibly hot day, I had gotten lost and flustered for 45 minutes immediately before filming, and I was sitting in a window. In algebra terms that equals a BIG RED FACE.

But then I thought, HEY, look how much weight I’ve lost since then? That is fantastic and encourages me to keep going. As do my two favourite red vintage dresses in my wardrobe which should hopefully fit soon. So, it is entirely possible for you too. Just do it, and feel better. Give it time too.

I think it is a nice interview, if you discount the redness and the extra kgs. Maybe just listen to it, and don’t watch (for me?!).

I hope you like it! Thanks Ashleigh & AT Culture.



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  1. Suzy Rowlands says

    Niamh you look lovely in that clip! Given the amount you have to eat, I am surprised you are not the size of a house. I think you look absolutely fine and you are right, it’s a very nice nice interview, which has made my rather boring morning go a bit quicker

    • Very kind of you to say Suzy. When I look at it, I don’t see myself, but I see that I am getting there. My job is now all about eating but I try not to be excessive, which is very difficult. Glad you enjoyed the video :)

  2. You don’t look that red to me! And your accent is divine.

    Great to hear the weight loss is going well.

    • Thanks Caitlin. Very nice of you but, oh, I really was! :)

      Thanks re the accent, I have had no control over that aspect of my life, so on behalf of Irish people everywhere, *curtsey* :)

  3. kim says

    Well down with the shrinking. I’ve just lost 6 1/2 stones so know what a difficult job it is especially being a self-confessed foodie. Good luck.

  4. glamorous glutton says

    Great interview. Congratulations with the weight loss and the fact that you’ve taken such a sensible approach. There’s hope for us all, if only I could stop picking! GG

    • Thank you GG. I actually find it really uncomfortable talking about this stuff as I feel we define ourselves too much by it. However, there is a point where it becomes healthy to. Hopefully, this is it.

  5. I lost 4 stone once, just by eliminating bread, potatoes, butter, cake, chocolate, biscuits, jam, and so on, from my diet. I didn’t miss them, but my friends were horrified by my gaunt appearance! 2.5 stones have mysteriously reappeared.

    • Yikes, that does sound too far. And how could you cut out potatoes?!

      I don’t think skinny / gaunt is good. Slender but still with curves, and healthy, is best for women I think.

      • What I found was that after going on this strict (?) regime, nothing happened for nearly 2 months, then the weight came off quickly. I did it because I’d reached 14.5 stone and the weight gain seemed to be accelerating, and it was an attempt to eat more healthily. I didn’t expect to lose 4 stone, just sort of even out and stop gaining.

      • I think you are right, that is how it works. I adjusted my eating behaviour a few months ago and results weren’t immediate but then sudden when they arrived.

        Great you sorted it out though, it is quite scary how quickly things can snowball.

  6. You do look lovely in the clip but I totally relate to what you’re saying. All my friends from the last 15 years think I’m a naturally ‘big’ girl but when I look in the mirror I don’t see myself at all. I’ve finally decided to tackle it and it’s going slowly but in the right direction but reading things like this are really encouraging – it helps me realise I CAN do it despite my love of good food. Eat naturally and in moderation and exercise! Keep up the good work (and I will too)!

    • Good for you, Ali! :)

      And yes, I am actually naturally quite small and still curvy but this lifestyle is bloody difficult. We can do it :)

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