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Butter Making Class with Glenilen Farm

Churning butter. Alan on the left, Cathail is doing his level best at churning, and also making me look exceptionally short (photo from twitter courtesy of @ailbhetweets)

Another week, another cooking class. This time with one of my favourite Irish producers, Glenilen Farms. I have been using their products for years (their butter featured in the photoshoot for my book and I used their products for my pop up café at Electric Picnic last year). So a request to run a class for them was a no brainer. I knew it would be good, and I knew it would be fun.

Homemade butter

Glenilen Farm is an Irish dairy farm in West Cork, that for many years sold all of their milk to the local Co-Op as everyone did. Then one day Val started playing around with it and started selling the products at the local farmer’s market too: butter, yogurt, cream, sour cream, desserts. People loved it and it grew, and now they are widely available and very popular in Ireland. Happily they are now available here too.

Val rinsing the butter

I love to cook and I love to make homemade butter so the class was butter-centric. We made butter from scratch ( as I describe in the recipe in my book, Comfort & Spice) with Alan & Val from Glenilen Farm.

Butter with Ham Salt

We then proceeded to flavour the butter with two of my favourite salts, lovely Irish seaweed and the most popular on the night being one my favourite things, my ham salt.

I do think that this is one of the most overlooked recipes in my book, it is hidden in the introduction and is 1 of 157 recipes, but people, you have to try it. Something I should have said in the recipe too is it is actually much easier if you whizz it in a magimix or blender, now you know. Just make it and put it on your eggs.  You can thank me later.

Moving on from that, we made one of my most popular recent recipes, and actually most popular to date. Bacon Jam Fudge. Yup, that is what you read.

Bacon Jam Fudge

I love making this for so many reasons. Fudge takes a little while and is a labour of love (and for a few seconds here and there a labour of hate). But as you make it, and wonder why this still looks nothing like fudge, all of a sudden fudge overtakes it and you are there.

And then you taste it.

I love seeing the domino effect, all of those faces lighting up. People worrying that they will eat it all before it makes it to their tub, they want to take it home and share the bacon jam fudge love.

Alan & Val were so lovely to work with, and if anything wildly undersell themselves. As they were leaving they mentioned that they were off to the US next week as they are up for an Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award. Well deserved. Try their products and you will see what I am talking about.

Further details on Glenilen Farm here, including UK stockists

PSSST! There are still a couple of spaces for the bacon masterclass tonight (where we will make candied bacon | bacon jam | bacon jam fudge | bacon vodka) – just email me on niamh@eatlikeagirl.com if you want to come. There are also spaces on my Homemade Bread Butter and Cheese Class next Thursday. Come!



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  1. My dear mother, God rest her, was devastated both mentally and physically by vascular dementia and other complications and ended her days in a nursing home. She retained her sense of taste throughout and her absolute favourite food was Glenilen Rhubarb yogurt, no matter what she’d always comment on its heavenly taste. I can’t wait to try out the other items their product range particularly the butter, now that they’re available in the UK.

    • That is so touching. It is the little things that make life great, isn’t it? I am sure the folks at Glenilen will be touched by this too.

  2. Glenilen Farm says

    Thanks for leaving that comment we are delighted that your Mother enjoyed our Yoghurts, It’s lovely to hear feedback like that.
    Thanks again from all at Glenilen Farm

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