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More Bacon Masterclasses & New Homemade Sweets Class: Because Y’all Can’t Get Enough

Bacon Jam Fudge

Once the word got out about the bacon jam fudge, I was flooded with requests for more classes. So here they are. More bacon classes and a new one, a homemade sweets class.

The bacon class will be as before: bacon jam, candied bacon, bacon jam fudge and bacon vodka. Uh huh. The sweets class will be a brand new one and will have home made Turkish delight, homemade popping candy, flavoured fudge (bacon or marmite or other flavours) and bits like that.

The price has had to go up, but it is still a bargain for a 3 hour class at £75. The reason for the mini price hike is: I wasn’t quite covering my costs, and I need to hire an assistant for the classes. Also, as stressed, I always use only the best ingredients like Denhay Bacon for bacon class, best maple syrup etc. Plus the classes are very hands on with detailed instruction, everyone makes everything themselves, from start to finish, and you get to bring everything home.

There are still some spaces at the Homemade Bread, Butter and Cheese Class next Thursday 21st June at the still original price of £60. We will make 2 types of homemade bread (blaas, a fluffy Irish bread roll from Waterford and soda bread), ham salt, homemade butter and ham salted homemade butter, ricotta and paneer.

Finally, I have also been commissioned to do some private classes and am absolutely open to these. These can be anywhere, and I can also hire the school or travel, depending on details. Drop me a line to discuss possibilities.

Ham Salted Homemade Butter

Dates follow. To book, please email niamh at eatlikeagirl dot com.

Thursday 21st June, 6.30pm – 9.30pm Homemade Bread, Butter and Cheese Class, £60

Thursday 19th July, 6.30 – 9.30pm Bacon Masterclass, £75

Tuesday 24th July, 6.30 – 9.30pm Homemade Sweets Class, £75

Thursday 16th August, 6.30 – 9.30pm Bacon Masterclass, £75

I will continue to hold the classes at the lovely Central St Cookery School in Old St. It is a wonderful space and is so central (hence the name, I guess).

For reviews please see:

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Bacon Masterclass Review from Simply Splendiferous (with lovely watercolour illustrations too!)

And to keep up to date with Cooking Class happenings, keep an eye on the Cooking Class page, or email me to be added to the mailing list.



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  1. glamorous glutton says

    I’d love to do the bacon masterclass, I’ve printed off the dates and hope to sign up. GG

    • Come on down! Book early if you can as they are starting to fill up a lot quicker now :)

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