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It is BACON O’CLOCK: Places for Next Classes Available

Bacon Jam Fudge

A brief missive, then back to cooking, restaurants & travel :)

It is bacon time again folks! Places available for classes tomorrow Thursday 12th July, Thursday 19th July & Thursday 16th August. All from 6.30 – 9.30pm at Central St Cookery School between Old St & Farrgindon. Cost £75 incl everything. All you need to do is bring your bad self.

It is bacontastic and involves making delicious candied bacon with maple syrup & tamarind (or chipotle), bacon jam, bacon jam fudge and bacon vodka.

I am hoping to do some in the Autumn too, but that may not be for a bit. It depends on how some other projects settle and I hope to know soon. For now, these are the only classes that I can plan.

I potentially will run the Comfort & Spice Homemade bread, Butter & Cheese Class again as that went really well and everyone enjoyed it. If you are specifically interested in this one it would be lovely to hear from you as I am trying to gauge interest.

Sign up or register interest by emailing me at niamh@eatlikeagirl.com

Reviews here:

Comfort & Spice Class Review from AT Culture / Diary of a Food Perve

Bacon Masterclass Review from Simply Splendiferous (with lovely watercolour illustrations too!)



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  2. Thai Orchid Edinburgh says

    My initial reaction to bacon fudge was “what?!” but reading the blog it kind of makes sense after all, backon and maple syrup are amazing so why not bacon fudge! I’ve just completed a batch of Baileys tablet but I think I might try adding bacon to a small portion of to see what it’s like.

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