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Last Bacon Masterclass: This Thursday

Candied Bacon Fudge – I need to photograph some other stuff from the class!

Hello all! A little bit of an update on the classes. I am calling time on them for the interim this Thursday. There has been an immense amount of interest so I will probably start them up again, but I am not sure when yet.

I love teaching them and you have enjoyed them too, but finding the right balance between cost for you and cost for me has been really difficult. I don’t want to charge lots, nor do I want the classes to be enormous. At Central St I can teach up to 20 with an assistant comfortably and that is a good number, but even so it can be a challenge to make it work on the balance sheet.

The good news is that when I come back I will have some fresh recipes and new courses too. I have lots to disclose: maple candied bacon ice cream, maple candied bacon arctic roll and maple candied bacon marshmallow. A lot of delicious maple candied bacon and lots of other recipes too. I have been busy.

There are just a couple of places left for the last class in the current series this Thursday (bacon jam, bacon jam fudge, bacon vodka and maple candied bacon). So if you want to come, please drop me a line niamh @ eatlikeagirl . com.

The class on Thursday will be at Central St Cookery School. For details please see the cooking class page.

As always – classes can be arranged privately at homes or suitable venues so please get in touch if you would like to organise that. I have also done some corporate classes which were great fun. I can travel reasonable distances if there are enough people too.


Comfort & Spice Class Review from AT Culture / Diary of a Food Perve

Bacon Masterclass Review from Simply Splendiferous (with lovely watercolour illustrations too!)



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