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Vancouver: Eat Your Cart Out (Street Food)

Vancouver Street Food

Greetings from Vancouver folks! I am here to explore the food, the wine, and all of the other bits in between. I started with the street food.

Street food in Vancouver? If you visited before 2010 you might think I am referring to a different city, but following the success of the food trucks at the Olympics a limited number of licences were granted. At first by lottery, which unsurprisingly didn’t prove completely successful, the second and third rounds of licences were granted via a jury including some of Vancouver’s best chefs. Pitches were granted based on unique ideas, sourcing and sustainability.

So far, so good. How did they taste?

I went on an Eat Your Cart Out tour with Tour Guys. Led by Jess, a Vancouver local passionate about food (she is a member of the Vancouver Yelp Elite). We visited 5 of Vancouver’s best trucks and carts.

Vancouver Street Food – Feastro

Starting with a refreshing Israeli lemonade from Mangal Kiss, we had our first bite at Feastro. Feastro had a whole show on the Food Network dedicated to it and as a result is very well known and popular. Attached to the front is a smoker with a skull on it. Feastro smoke their own food and they smoke it here.

Vancouver Street Food – Feastro

Vancouver Street Food – Feastro

We had a daily special: a beef taco with saskatoon berry, jalapeno jelly, sour cream salsa and corn tortilla crunchies. Gorgeous beef and lovely contrasts in texture and in flavour. A brilliant start.

Vancouver Street Food – Mom’s Grilled Cheese

Truck 3 was Mom’s Grilled Cheese. “Mom” used to do film catering, but when she had her daughter she started her food truck so that she could work more sensible hours. A grilled cheese is of course the humble toastie, and wonderful it was too. We had a havarti, cheddar and tomato toastie with local crisps. Swoon.

Vancouver Street Food – Mom’s Grilled Cheese

Vancouver Street Food – Mom’s Grilled Cheese

There is still room but just about, and we are off to The Kaboom Box. These guys specialize in salmon, proper salmon and not “pharm” salmon, as they call it. I opt for a hot smoked salmon in a sandwich with a gentle crunchy slaw. Delicious. Again, smoked in truck and sourced ethically.

Vancouver Street Food

Have I any more room? I really don’t think so. We make our way to Tacofino, a food truck specialising in Mexican food that started in surfer town Tofino on Vancouver Island. There is a little bit of a walk and with every step I feel full.


I arrive at the Tacofino truck, which I have seen earlier that morning and am curious about. We get a ling cod taco with tempura battered ling cod, chipotle mayo, shredded cabbage and salsa fresca on a fire toasted flour tortilla. It is so fresh and vibrant that I can’t resist eating it. Even though, in actual fact, I really can’t. But I do.

Vancouver Street Food, is exciting, fresh, vibrant and very, very good. Loved it, and the next day I had to explore further. More on that soon.

Vancouver Street Food

I traveled to Vancouver with the Canadian Tourism Commission




  1. what, the Canadian tourist board is paying your trip?! Lucky girl. When we were living in Vancouver, they had no food trucks. That’s funny (and disappointing) that they’ve been given licenses now. Back in London, we really miss it over there, thanks for your posts. We read them with nostalgia, if not a little envy ; )

    • Hi Adam. It is a common practice for tourist boards all over the world to bring established food / wine / travel writers etc and now some bloggers on press trips to show case their country. This was a dedicated blogger one cross Canada and I am very lucky to be on the West Coast. More here: canadakeepexploring.tumblr.com

      • Thanks Niamh, I will look at that. Did you choose Canada, or did they choose you? I think I’ll try the Indian board of tourism; I wonder if they’d invite us?!

      • It is by invite and they invite bloggers that have an interest in what they do and an audience that would enjoy it too. I have turned down several trips that weren’t suitable for me, or for what I write here.

        This trip was very special as it was a dedicated blogger cross Canada one. I am not sure that you can just email them and suggest it. They have social media analysts that find people. And like I said, this was the first trip of its kind in my experience.

      • haha! I was kind of joking; I don’t think we have a large enough readership for that anyway! Yeah, I think you were lucky to get the west-coast of Canada. Just remember to pass it on if you get India knocking at your door ; )

      • :)

        Actually I need to go to India. There was a wonderful Indian writer on this trip. But that would be a long trip so I need to carve out some time.

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