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British Columbia, Canada, in Pictures [Part 1]

I have so many things that I wanted to write about, and I had planned to today. After a day of visiting vineyards and then an evening editing photos I am all out of energy. Rather than write something dull and uninteresting and lacking any passion, I thought I would share some of my photos from the trip with you instead. There are some I really love, and not all would actually fit in with any post I might write. I have taken hundreds.

This is the first of two posts. Enjoy, and I will be back soon with the next photo post and then some lovely detail. When I am a little more awake and have the energy to enjoy it. Because one thing is for sure, if I don’t enjoy writing it, you won’t enjoy reading it.


Tiny planes I have been zooming around British Columbiain

Dim Sum breakfast in Richmond

Deep fried crispy chicken skin at a Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond

The Okanagan Crushpad – really interesting winery in the process of moving to biodynamic

Drinking a Gewurztraminer slushie at Kettle Valley Winery -so delicious!

Crabapples in Okanagan

Nk’ Mip Cultural Centre in Okanagan

Bob at Nk’Mip Cultural Centre performing a smudging ceremony

Wine tasting at Stoneboat Winery

Garlic Festival in Okanagan

The lovely folks at Forbidden Fruit Winery – terrific wines too

The Pleasure is Ours (in Okanagan)

Best pumpkin display I have ever seen

The Dark Side – at Seven Stones Winery – terrific Meritage

Feeling corny




  1. Jill Gildersleve says

    Hi Niamh,
    I live in the Vancouver area and am thrilled to hear and see that you maxed out your visit to B.C. Your blog and photos are wonderful so “keep up the awesome work”!!! I look forward to following you for many years…

    • Jill – so very lovely to wake up to your comment. A tiny % of those who read comment, and I really appreciate it when they take the time. You have made my morning :)

  2. I’ve been following this with interest, but have to point out that it is actually ‘British Columbia’ not ‘Colombia.’

  3. Anansi says

    Love the blog. But as a Canadian, can we correct the spelling to British Columbia?


    • Thank you and as per my other reply, I was so tired. I probably shouldn’t have written this until today but I have no time.

  4. LinziMG says

    Wow, British Columbians are certainly pedantic! When I worked there, Canadian English drove me bonkers, and I was a copywriter! No consistency in it at all. Great post, hope you enjoyed your visit.

    • Yes, it is very confusing and when tired certainly difficult to navigate :(

      Thanks re the post. Have loved it.

  5. Oh I love that mental pumpkin display. That is so hilarious and I am not surprised at all, considering where you saw it. So looking forward to hearing about the dim sum in detail. Lovely to have you out here experiencing a place I know so well. xx

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