Month: November 2012

Overnight Christmas Shopping Trip to Paris: Where to Go & What to Do

A quick jaunt on the Eurostar, 2 hours 15 minutes later we were alighting at Gare du Nord. Our hotel, just a few stops away, and near my favourite spot Le Marais, saw us briefly, we had lots of Paris to see and to do. We were in Paris to do some Christmas shopping. An old friend and I took the trip. Both food obsessed and fond of a glass of wine or a cocktail, we had marked out our maps with places we wanted to visit. We hadn’t much time but we were ambitious. Paris is home to fantastic cookware shops, fromageries, wine shops, patisseries and so many great chocolate shops. So many things that would put the sparkle in any day and especially Christmas. To start, we hit Le Marais. Le Marché des Enfants Rouges to be precise. A 10 minute walk and we were at the gorgeous bustling market. The market itself is rammed with cosy and delicious places to eat. Lots to buy too. Greengrocers are selling clementines (check: in the …

Tickets for Bacon Masterclasses and Christmas Gift Making Classes

Ok, folks. It took a while but I made a decision on a ticketing solution for my classes. I am trialling Eventbrite – links below. I am absorbing the £5 fees into the existing ticket price, for now. In the long term this may not be possible but I don’t want to push prices up at the moment. I spend so much time in email and spreadsheets trying to work out attendance right now, that I think this should be much better for everyone, and worth it. There are still tickets for this Saturday 24th November and Saturday 8th December for the morning Christmas Gift Making Class and the afternoon Bacon Masterclass. Further information on the booking links below. I also do bespoke classes, and can do classes for small numbers in private homes. Please drop me a line if these are of interest. Get booking! Hope to see lots of you there! :)

Last Postcard from Grenada

I spent my last couple of hours in Grenada putting together this post. I hit publish, boarded the plane, and got back today. Only when I hit publish, my post disappeared into some unknown ether. Gone from drafts to nowhere I can find, so I have just put it together again, with a very sleepy head. Recipes, Grenada restaurants and more soon. Enjoy my last postcard for now :)

A Postcard from Grenada

I can’t quite believe that my week on this beautiful Caribbean island is coming to an end, but it is. It has been quite the non-stop adventure. I am busier here than I am in London, simply because there is so much that I want to see, and taste. Lets start with an overview, and I will be back with more details and videos soon. More photos too, as this is really just the very tip of what I have taken.

Greetings from Grenada! And Now for Something Completely Different: MONKEYS

Greetings from Grenada folks! Gre-nay-dah! Not Greh-nah-dah! In the Caribbean and not in Spain. I have been explaining that a lot. When my Irish accent meets Grenada, everyone thinks I am in Spain. I am on the Spice Island. There is nutmeg everywhere, cinnamon too. Pimento, and in season cloves. Bay everywhere. Larger and more luscious waxy leaves than what we know. Bergamot scents the air occasionally. Mangos, papaya, so many bananas. Rich flavours, colours and smells permeate the air, and the Atlantic washes the coast every few seconds. My Atlantic from Ireland but the other side of it. The warmer bit. I have done so much, I am very tired as I type. Hundreds – actually thousands of photographs in – video too. I take video on all my trips but never get the time to edit it. Rather I am never that inclined to. I am forcing myself to do that now. My little craptop, which is missing keys and has others that refuse to work gets me by, but is very whiny when …

BACON ACTION: Book tickets for Baconmas at The Thatched and Bacon Masterclasses

It is bacon o’clock, folks! My Bacon Masterclasses were very popular in the summer and I have had many requests to bring them back. So I did, along with new Christmas Gift Making Classes. The Christmas Classes have been more popular, but there are still plenty of places for both, so please email me to book at niamh at :) Further details on all class details, prices and times here. See below for bacon masterclass specifics. In other very exciting news, I am declaring BACONMAS at The Thatched in London on December 10th. The Thatched is a great pub in Hammersmith and I will be behind the stove, serving a delicious bacon / pork centric dinner which will include a lot of the secret bacon treats that I have been working on for my bacon app. It will be fun – I promise – and also really delicious. All for a bargain £27.50. I hope to see a lot of you there :) Buy tickets for BACONMAS here. If any of you bacon fiends …