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BACON ACTION: Book tickets for Baconmas at The Thatched and Bacon Masterclasses

photo from Gastronomical Heights by James Woollerton

Bacon Masterclasses – photo from Gastronomical Heights by James Woollerton

It is bacon o’clock, folks!

My Bacon Masterclasses were very popular in the summer and I have had many requests to bring them back. So I did, along with new Christmas Gift Making Classes.

The Christmas Classes have been more popular, but there are still plenty of places for both, so please email me to book at niamh at eatlikeagirl.com :) Further details on all class details, prices and times here. See below for bacon masterclass specifics.

In other very exciting news, I am declaring BACONMAS at The Thatched in London on December 10th. The Thatched is a great pub in Hammersmith and I will be behind the stove, serving a delicious bacon / pork centric dinner which will include a lot of the secret bacon treats that I have been working on for my bacon app.

It will be fun – I promise – and also really delicious. All for a bargain £27.50. I hope to see a lot of you there :)

Buy tickets for BACONMAS here.

If any of you bacon fiends have friends that don’t like bacon or are veggie, I can accommodate them too, and that will also be delicious. Just let me know when you book.



Chipotle Bacon Jam & Goats Curd on Toast

Spiced Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits & Sage

6 hour Pork Belly with Lentils

Chocolate Mousse with Bacon Crunchie

Bacon petit fours

Bacon Masterclass at the Hampstead Theatre

Bacon Jam – better than any you have tasted with only the best ingredients. Chipotle fuelled, smoky and sticky.
Candied Bacon – crisp and addictive, most students eat all of this before they even leave the class
Bacon Jam Fudge – it takes time but it is fantastic, and it is amazing with a single malt
Bourbon Bacon Brownie – perfect Christmas tea time snack, isn’t it?



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