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Last Postcard from Grenada

I spent my last couple of hours in Grenada putting together this post. I hit publish, boarded the plane, and got back today. Only when I hit publish, my post disappeared into some unknown ether. Gone from drafts to nowhere I can find, so I have just put it together again, with a very sleepy head.

Recipes, Grenada restaurants and more soon. Enjoy my last postcard for now :)


Buying Jacks (small fish) in the blazing sunshine in Grenada

Selling jacks on the key in Grenada


Old phone boxes, Grenada

Happy Hill, Grenada

Fisherman, Grenada

Buying nutmeg in the shell at the nutmeg factory, Grenada

Victoria Secrets, Grenada

The wild Atlantic, North Grenada

Met this guy sun drying his own cocoa in his driveway – most people have their own trees and do this

Bananas, Grenada

The Pink Palace, Grenada

Lush gorgeous rainforest in Grenada (the monkeys are in there!)

Avocados on the tree, Grenada

Vanilla on the vine, Grenada

Charlie at Charlie’s Bar, Grenada




  1. Clare Gordon-smith says

    Lovely pictures, sets the scene for the recipes and news:) Sorry you lost the first draft always happens at the most crucial time IMHO and experience!

  2. Great photos…..wonderful to see that Grenada has not changed much in the last 35 years….hope the bites get better soon…don’t scratch them !

  3. Your pictures of Grenada are wonderful and bring back happy memories of when we were lucky enough to go on a cruise, and we were the first cruise ship to land there in 1984 (I think) after the American invasion of the island. The islanders were so pleased to see us, and we just loved the relaxed atmosphere and the boxes of fresh nutmegs. Hope to go back some day and just chill out and take an extra suitcase for all those spices. Bet you had a wonderful time.

  4. Miggy says

    Hi Niamh,
    Your photos are wonderful!
    I’ll be visiting Grenada in 12 weeks time and this post has made me even more excited about my trip!
    Charlie looks very friendly! Where is Charlie’s bar?


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