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Tickets for Bacon Masterclasses and Christmas Gift Making Classes

Ok, folks. It took a while but I made a decision on a ticketing solution for my classes. I am trialling Eventbrite – links below.

I am absorbing the £5 fees into the existing ticket price, for now. In the long term this may not be possible but I don’t want to push prices up at the moment. I spend so much time in email and spreadsheets trying to work out attendance right now, that I think this should be much better for everyone, and worth it.

There are still tickets for this Saturday 24th November and Saturday 8th December for the morning Christmas Gift Making Class and the afternoon Bacon Masterclass. Further information on the booking links below.

I also do bespoke classes, and can do classes for small numbers in private homes. Please drop me a line if these are of interest.

Get booking! Hope to see lots of you there! :)

Eventbrite - Christmas Gift Making Cooking Class

Eventbrite - Bacon Masterclass (Cooking Class)



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  2. Interesting, I made Christmas centerpieces, I posted on my blog and this year I am making snow globes for Christmas. I like the Gift Class idea

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