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Pre Christmas Treat: Win Signed Copies of Comfort & Spice, Grenada Spice Pack and a Kindle WiFi

Comfort & Spice

Comfort & Spice

As a thank you for all your kind comments and support throughout this year, I thought it only right that I offer a little pre Christmas treat from me.

From my personal stash, I am offering up two signed copies of my little tome Comfort & Spice for readers for Christmas. I myself am using it Christmas Day, well the recipes from the book at least, which are printed on my brain. We are having my Overnight Roast Pork Shoulder with Spiced Apple Relish. It is the perfect Christmas dish for me, takes little effort, pretty much cooks itself and is really delicious. We will follow it with Chocolate Mousse and Honeycomb, with lots of my hot spiced drinks on the side.

I also have a 6″ Kindle WiFiDirectline Holidays offered me one and as much as I would LOVE to keep it, I thought that it would be a nice treat for you. I am a voracious reader and love an actual book, but the practicality of these, especially for keen travellers and commuters, means they are fast becoming a must (for me, at least).

Christmas Spices & Cocoa from Grenada

Christmas Spices & Cocoa from Grenada

Finally, from my coveted spice stash from Grenada, I would love to send one of you a selection of nutmeg in the shell, mace, bay, cinnamon and cocoa. Those of you that followed my trip will know that the taste of these is incredible.

To win, all you need to do is comment and say which prize you are interested in. I will select the winner at random as always.

Thanks again, and here is to a wonderful Christmas for us all.

Christmas Spices and Baubles

Christmas Spices and Baubles

Spices and books are open to UK & Ireland, the Kindle to the UK only (as I am not sending it)




  1. Catherine Edwards says

    All of the prizes sound great, but as I have your book already, albeit unsigned, and a mountain of nutmeg at home (boyfriend’s mum grew up in Trinidad so rum punch comes out to play quite a lot) the Kindle would be most appreciated as I have almost stopped reading due to having to lug heavy books around! Merry Christmas!

  2. Claire Wade says

    Oh it has to be the wonderful cookery book, overnight roast pork?????? How could it not be this one :-)

  3. Carla K says

    I would love either prize but i have lusted after a kindle for this past year so would love the chance of winning one. :)

    Merry Christmas to you and all your readers :) x

  4. Katal says

    Hi Niamh, After attending your wonderful Masterclasses last weekend and hearing your tales about Grenada, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to won your spice stash! :) Many thanks Kat

  5. Karin says

    Wonderful prizes but my choice would have to be your selection of spices from Grenada! They sound great. Plus I’ve got your book at home already, as well a trusty tablet to help me through those long commutes…

  6. I would love the Grenada Spice Pack because it’s the hardest to get hold of and, having tasted the amazing grenada cocoa last weekend – it would make me really happy.

  7. Caitriona Cassidy says

    Would love the kindle as I love to read but rarely get the chance with two toddlers frequently forgetting to pack books on trips away. Plus it’s easier to pack a kindle then remember a book!

  8. Alice says

    I have a kindle, but would love your spice stash! Thank you, I’ve enjoyed reading about your food adventures so much over the past year!

  9. Joyce says

    Would love the book and spices! I’m in the states~where can I pick up the spices? I will def get your book!

    • Hi Joyce! I bought them there and couldn’t advise -sorry. My book is available in the US though :) It was published there last April.

  10. Róisín Ní Mhórdha says

    Hi Niamh,

    What a great competition!

    I would love a copy of your book please, especially as it’ll be a signed version!

    Many thanks (with fingers and toes crossed),


  11. MrsOvers says

    Would love to win a copy of your book… Might even host my family next year and give Mum a year off!x

  12. Helen Parkin says

    I have your book already (much used!) but I’d love the Kindle :-) Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thanks for a great year’s reading! xx

  13. Thai Orchid Edinburgh says

    Would love the kindle then I can buy loads of recipe books! I’m banned from book buying at the minute because the house is coming down with them!

  14. Debbie Coxon says

    Without a doubt a copy of your beautiful book – have freed up January in order to lock myself away in the kitchen and perfect some of my favourite recipes.

    Happy Christmas x

  15. Aoife says

    Ohhh I’d loooove a copy of your book please Niamh! fingers crossed- thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition! :)

  16. Maggie says

    Without sounding desperate (never attractive) I’d happily receive any of your lovely prizes, Keep up the good work Niamh – your blog always makes me hungry!

  17. Hilary Davis says

    Would love to win any of your wonderful prizes, but if I have to choose I would like the signed copy of your book, please!

    Happy Christmas to you x

  18. I would love a copy of your book — looking forward to experimenting with new recipe inspirations this coming year!!
    Happy winter-Christmas-solstice-time, may we all stay warm and cosy!

  19. John Worsley says

    Having just got your book out of my local library, I’d love a signed copy to keep. So, keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for all your wonderful foodie tales and recipes. Merry Christmas, Spike x

  20. Maria Noonan says

    Hi Niamh, already have your book (fab!) and no need for a Kindle so would love the spice jar! Thanks and a happy Christmas to you and yours :)

  21. SinéadW says

    Would love to win any of your prizes Niamh! Especially the 6″ Kindle WiFi though ;)

  22. Happy Christmas to you! Would love to win a copy of your book :)
    Fingers crossed………

  23. Rhianna Jones says

    All of the prizes sound wonderful but I would love the Kindle having run out of shelf space due to an expensive cookery book addiction :) Merry Christmas! X

  24. Grainne jakobson says

    Well I have the book which I love and a kindle which I don’t so the spices would be quite yummy. Happy Christmas and a delicious New Yearx

  25. Karen Hadley says

    I would love to win your book – it would be special Santa present for me under the tree :)

  26. I have quite a full spice cupboard thanks to a Spanish trip this year & Indian friends. Would love a copy of your book. Your recipes are always so unusual.

  27. Siobhan says

    Hi Niamh,
    I have your book which I love. We will also be having slow roast pork shoulder over Christmas and hopefully some of your gorgrous prawn curry.
    I have a kindle already
    So ….. I would love to win the Grenada spice mix- it would hopefully bring some extra comfort and spice to my Christmas.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and lots of exciting times in 2013.

  28. Gillian says

    what a great idea! i already have a copy of your book (and I love it!) and a kindle, so I would like to win the spices.

  29. Jessica says

    I have just recently started following your blog and twitter, I am so envious of your Paris adventures! Have a wonderful Christmas, hope the foxes stay away from your dinner ;) Would love a copy of your book.

  30. Claire Eva says

    Hi Niamh. Would love the book as I’ve still not planned Christmas dinner and know there’ll be lots of treats in there. But probably need the Kindle as reading on my mini iPhone is making me need glasses. Joyeux Noel! X

  31. Marguerite says

    I often read your blog with interest and enjoyment. Would love the kindle to read on the train.

  32. Eve Griffin says

    Wow these prizes are all great, and would be delighted to win any of them – have always wanted a kindle, could do with clearing up some shelve space for more cookery books!

  33. Hi Niamh!I actually bought a copy of your book last year at the market in Covent Garden but it was held captive by my dad in Scotland before I got the chance to make use of it!! So I would love to try again with a second copy please!! Merry Christmas :)

  34. Hi Niamh! I actually bought a copy of your book last year at the Covent Garden market but it was held captive by my Dad before I could make use of it so I would love to try again with a second copy please! Merry Christmas :)

  35. Would love a copy of the cookbook as my partner has restricted all cookbook buying activity until after birth of baby and signing of impending mortgage. He has forgotten about festive goodwill to all pregnant partners!

    Merry Xmas! X

  36. Christopher says

    I’d love a copy of your book… I don’t really agree with kindles, and I couldn’t bear to take any of that lovely spice off you! People would have traded their spouses for that a few hundred years ago….

  37. Ooh how exciting. I’m fairly new to you blog but love it so perhaps the book to try a few more of the recipes. And because of its wonderful name!

  38. Oh, I would love a 6″ Kindle WiFi!

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.
    Happy Holidays!

  39. Liz Thomson says

    What a lovely idea for a Pre Christmas treat Niamh. I already have your book (I pre ordered it!) which I find great. I would really like to have a Kindle. Best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and year to come.

  40. Steph Hemmings says

    I hope Santa brings me a copy of Comfort and Spice (although I’m not sure I’ve been good)… So, in that case I would love to win a copy!

  41. James says

    I would love a copy of your book Niamh, I’m all about homemade gifts this Christmas and would love some inspiration…bacon styleeeee :)

  42. Lucy Chaudhuri says

    I also already have your book, which I think is really great. I already have a Kindle – which I like, but maybe like books more. Agree with you though, great for travelling. Would love the sunny spices from Grenada! Wonderful idea and so generous.

  43. helena jevons says

    Hi I would love to win the kindle and LOVE your blog. Thank you for your warmth of heart and imspiration <3

  44. would love your book, kindle or spice in that order…..but most of all I would like to see you return to your regular everyday cooking blogs…I am missing them since your rise to fame

  45. Natalie says

    Wow, I would love a copy of your book! I haven’t had time to do ANY planning for Christmas dinner so new inspiration would be great…

  46. Niamh says

    Long time reader, but first time commenting – sorry that only a freebie brings me out of the woodwork. My choice would be the Kindle. Mine met an unhappy end (I have a tendency to leave things on the car roof before driving away). I hope you continue with your cooking classes next year. I had £0 this year but hope to get a job in the New Year and am dying to sign up. Thanks, Niamh

  47. I think this pork sounds amazing I’m going to have to go for the the book please!!

  48. I’d love an entry for the kindle please! I’m hoping to recreate some of your travels in the next year and it would come in super handy!

  49. I would love the kindle or, failing that, the spices. I didn’t say your book because it’s on my Christmas list I gave to my husband so I may or may not get it, and even if I don’t I would rather buy it to give you the sales and royalties :-) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  50. They all sound amazing but I would love the kindle so I don’t have to lug 10 books around with me every time I go on holiday!

  51. Maureen Cusick says

    The book or the spice, I have been cooking all my life but have just realised that it is my passion and that I have, without realising it carved out a new career showing people how to cook real food. Really enjoy your ramblings, keep up the good work.

  52. Cheryl says

    Kindle or book please. So kind of you to do this – you don’t need to bribe us, we all love reading your blog! Have a lovely Christmas

  53. Hi Niamh, I would love a copy of your book, your Christmas recipes sound amazing. By the way, thank you for your amazing photos of Grenada, especially the nutmeg and mace – the colours blew my mind, it sounds like an incredible trip.

  54. Hello Niamh! I’d be super happy with a Comfort and Spice book. It’s been on my wish list for aaaages and no-one’s been kind enough to get it for me yet! Fingers crossed…

  55. biscuitgirl says

    Hello Niamh! I’d be super happy with a Comfort and Spice book. It’s been on my wish list for aaaages and no-one’s been kind enough to get it for me yet! Fingers crossed…

  56. Jenny Langley says

    I would love love love to win the kindle as I have a small boy sleeping on my lap who wakes up at the first rustle of a page. Happy Christmas, I hope next year is as travel and bacon filled as this!

  57. Naziya says

    Oh thank you Niamh, if you’re offering, I’d really love a Kindle. Merry Christmas.

  58. I’d love your book! But hope we could meet up so you could hand it over in person.

  59. How fantastic! I would love a Kindle, only because I read so much during breaks at work and Hardbacks are heavy to carry about! Your book sounds amazing. <3

  60. Hi Niamh,
    I am reading your Lapland adventures with envy. I already have your book, and keep meaning to make those boiled egg and asparagus soldiers brekkie- it looks gorgeous.

    I saw you at a cookery demo at the Dingle Food Festival, making that spaghetti with black pudding- yum.

    I’d love to put my name in the hat for the Kindle please.

    Have fun on your travels:)


  61. Siobhan says

    oooh I would love either the book or the Grenada spice – keep up the good work I love reading your blog!


  62. I think it’d have to be the Kindle for me; I’m a voracious reader and am always carrying around at least 4 books! The Kindle would give my shoulders a break!

  63. Jessica says

    Would love to be put in the book raffle! Am a keen twenty something cook and eater – would love some advise from your pretty pages :-)

  64. Thank you all for your LOVELY comments. I will reply individually when I have time to come up for air, but just to let you know, I read every one and really appreciate them :)

  65. GomezAdams says

    I would love to win a signed copy of your book, as I’ve been trying to get my hands on one for ages including failed attempts at Abergavenny FF due to brain malfunctions! ;-)

  66. Jennifer Reid says

    I would love to get my hand on a copy of comfort and spice as my local bookshop doesn’t stock it! I think it looks wonderful! I hate ordering books online :P

  67. I would love a copy of Comfort and Spice – I am a cookery book addict and love trying out new recipes! Happy Christmas to you xxx

  68. sinead orourke says

    I would love to win a kindle for my mother. She always wanted one and it be great to treat her to it. :)

  69. Juliette says

    I would love the book please, it looks like it would be just the thing to kickstart my cooking again!

  70. Sophie Bradley says

    I would love to have your book because I am ashamed to say I don’t already have it! Merry Christmas x

  71. Ian Baxter-Crawford says

    Pre Christmas treats! Pre Christmas treats! Very exciting – would love to get cooking with those fantastic spices if my Christmas luck is in! I promise to post lots of pics of the results!

  72. Michelle Smith says

    To be honest, I’d love to win the kindle, but the book or spices would make wonderful surprise presents for my OH who does all the cooking!

    He’s off work atm due to needing an op and already got a couple of cooking goodies under tree to keep him occupied! So any of the three would be a lovely extra to keep him busy and boost his small pile of pressies.

    Reading others comments I would say any of us would be grateful to win any of the prizes!

  73. Arti Jethwa says

    I would love the book! I always enjoy cooking, especially around Christmas time, and the smell of all the Christmas spices just make me happy! I would love to use some new recipes and ideas and put them alongside my more traditional dishes at Christmas time! :)

  74. Claire Nelson says

    I would love a copy of your book please so I can attempt to recreate some of your wonderful recipes.

  75. Your book or the spices please; the former because I have enjoyed some recipes but not seen the whole collection, the latter because I would LOVE to go to Grenada but can’t see that happening too soon.

  76. The Book please…. because my nearest and dearest has banned me from procuring any more cookbooks…because some people think you can TOO MANY cookbooks. bonkers. :) And so I have to resort to begging stealing & general cajoling to get my mitts on a new one. And competition aside I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year. You write beautifully. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures.. Happy Christmas X

  77. Linds says

    Hi Niamh, Your book sounds a good choice for me as I have just found you and am this moment cooking the belly pork and everything is going to plan.Thankyou so much.

  78. Pauline S-G says

    Hi Niamh
    I love that u r such a big fan of Grenada – I am out there at the moment! I’d love your book. Happy cooking and eating everyone!

  79. hannah oneill says

    I’d love either! Your book looks amazing but a Kindle would be awesome too!

  80. I’d love to win a kindle. And am also hoping that “santa” brings me a place in on of your classes as he has been getting a few not so subtle hints! ;)

  81. I’d love a kindle. And I’d also love for “Santa” to bring me a place in one of your classes after a few not so subtle hints he has received recently!

  82. Althea Joseph says

    I am quite new to your blog. I really enjoy catching up on your adventures and food. I would love a copy of your book. I am only allowing myself physical books if they are cooking or craft related. My small flat is drowning in books; I need a bigger home.

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