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Well, hello there 2013! Come on in. Plus the top recipes from 2012.

A joyful 2012 moment, at a chilli farm in NZ. I think this expresses my enthusiasm for 2013 perfectly :)

A joyful 2012 moment, at a chilli farm in NZ. I think this expresses my enthusiasm for 2013 perfectly :)

HELLO 2013! Well, it is lovely to see you. Come right in. Would you like a cup of tea? Some coffee? What about a chocolate truffle. I have just made some.

2012 was exciting, traumatic, generous, and depriving. A whirl of activity, almost too much and everything it should and shouldn’t be. 2012 taught me lots, and I am entering 2013 with a generous and happy heart, full of enthusiasm for life, food, exploring and plans I started scratching in the sand last year.

There will be bacon, there will be products, there will be lots of writing (in several formats), cooking classes and there will be lots of travel. I want to enjoy every minute, sleep a bit more, and wake up eager and not feel like I want to hit myself over the head.

I didn’t do a 2012 round up. I started but found the idea exhausting and thought it better to just wave it goodbye and bound on. Are they even interesting to read anyway? Some are but I wasn’t sure mine would be, devoid of enthusiasm as it was.

I did do a little explore of my statistics to see what recipes you cook the most – judging by the views at any rate. Pork belly is still the king and my vegan squash curry the queen. There will be lots more recipes this year. I am competing with myself to knock those listed below off their idle thrones. Popular as they are, it is time for the new.

So, I am off now. Into London town to explore fabrics and papers. For these all form part of my plans.

Happy 2013 everyone. Lets grab it, eh?

Top Recipes for 2012

  1. Roast Pork Belly, cooked simply
  2. Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Spinach Curry
  3. Prawn Curry (again)
  4. Rich Roast Duck Legs (Chinese Style)
  5. Whiskey Bacon Jam
  6. Winter Warmer: Chicken and Chorizo Pie (Recipe)
  7. Slow Roast Pork Shoulder
  8. Spaghetti Corkese (Spaghetti with Black Pudding & Tomato Sauce)
  9. Chinese New Year: A Recipe For Jiaozi (Beijing Dumplings) and a Wine Match
  10. Slow Roast Pork Belly with Cider & Lentils



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  1. SallyC says

    Bacon, in 2013? really? Well now, that’s a surprise!! Happy 2013 and thank you for your lovely site – I read it regularly, new posts and old, and always really enjoy it. Looking forward to this year’s posts already.

  2. Karen Hadley says

    It was your squash curry that first brought me to your blog – it is indeed wonderful and so pretty on the plate too , thank you

  3. ohlidia says

    I LOVE your blog…you are my inspiration! If you are ever in Montreal, I would love to show you around. This is a GREAT foodie city!

    • That is so lovely to hear! I was in Montreal last May, I did a book signing and cooking demo at Appetite for Books. Hope you knew about it :)

  4. Darn it! No, I did not know about it! I’ve only only just discovered you this past Autumn… Next time!

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