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Recipe: Quail Eggs Diablo with Chorizo


Brunch! Quail Eggs Diablo with Chorizo

January demands delicious comfort. More than any other time of the year. It is so grim. All your money is gone, you have just seen all of your friends and now everyone is hiding at home. A spring clean no doubt looms after the Christmas chaos. I hate spring cleaning.

It just sucks, doesn’t it?

So why then, would you deprive yourself of the only nice things available to you? Nice food and drink?

Well that is my theory anyway. January should be a fun month. A month to evade the low grey sky hanging so gloomily over our heads and brighten things up a bit. Red tights with black dresses, yellow umbrellas. Whatever you can do to add a bit of sparkle, just do it.

I have been kick starting my 2013 mornings with firey brunches. Chorizo has been my best friend, and I have been combining it with all sorts of things, always eggs, sometimes braised lettuce, often smoked garlic. This morning I loved my brunch so much, I thought that even though I just have a photo on my phone, I must share it.

Picture the scene. Slothful in the flat in a giant pink dressing gown (think a pink Bear in the Big Blue House, it is a BIG dressing gown). Almost out of coffee but there is just enough. There is chorizo, but I am out of normal eggs. But I have quail eggs.

They will do. In fact this is better as the ratio of yolk to white is higher and I get 4 delicious yolks to dip my chorizo in.

I finely slice a small red onion and fry it gently for maybe 10 minutes, until it starts to crisp. I then add the chorizo, 75g, sliced in half and then sliced small. Slowly cooked for about 5 minutes. 1 tsp of a firey Mexican smoked chilli paste which I have come to use lots, Gran Luchito, is added and stirred through.

The bass notes are sorted so to lift this, I add a sprig of fresh rosemary, pines removed from the branch and finely chopped, and a finely chopped clove of smoked garlic. Then while this is cooking slowly, I gently crack the shells of four quail eggs with a sharp knife, and slide each egg slowly into a ramekin. I don’t want to break those precious yolks.

I stir the chorizo mixture one last time and make a hole in the middle (I use a small frying pan which is best for my brunches for one). Then in with the eggs, and on with the lid. These cooking gently for 2 minutes or so until the white is set and the yolk still fluid.

Handsome and delicious. I loved this spiky colourful brunch.




  1. Wow the chilli paste looks pretty cool we use to keep us warm. Gran Luchito, looks like an investment, worth taking.
    Less is more; I am looking at Hughes 3 good things book, with joy. Cooked Clams Garlic Tomato.
    Foraged cockles in my case. What a result!
    I had smoked Garlic I.O.W. Elephant, November, my mum nicked it! Nothing’s sacred.
    Chorizo is often in my kitchen, almost a store cupboard essential.
    Another cool post.

  2. Catherine says

    I like chorizo, cooked till oily juices run, remove, then add eggs (which I usually scramble) and cook in juice, put in a wrap and add sour cream and coriander.

  3. I am sitting in my big pink dressing gown (massive cerise pink M&S supersoft), thinking about the eggs in my cupboard and the chorizo in my fridge now. I’m probably going to have your brunch for dinner…

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  5. Yummy! Will try it next week! I love eggs and chorizo, and spicy food is incredible, best remedy against cold!
    Thanks a lot for the recipe!

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